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While maybe exacerbated in the photo, the way the sleeves hang is an issue. They do not fall cleanly at all.
Sorry to hear. I def had to take a size down in the field coat. 42 in Eidos suiting and a 40 in the FC with room to layer a thick SNS Herning sweater underneath, but cinching the waist slims it nicely (two sizes down would have been too tight). What fabric did you order?
This is soo cool. It's like douchebag central! But we do like the pics. Keep em coming!
I'm not sure if it really goes by another name. I couldn't find it on the Interwebz either. I was informed based on how late it came in the season there wouldn't be enough time for another make up. Although I haven't handled the Valstar, I like the Eidos field coat better.
Recognizing the difficulty in getting up measurements right away, I think it would be very helpful if on the NMWA site, there is at least a general description of how something fits (e.g., this is designed for a boxy fit at your regular size, consider sizing down for a slimmer fit OR sizing down will not provide a slim fit based on the cut) and provide recommended sizing, particularly with brands like Stephen Schneider where I have no clue what a 4 means, and it seems a 4...
Mr. Porter started it's semi-annual sale, up to 50% off. Gentry NYC - extra 25% off year end sale.
I am a solid 11D as well. If you got med width feet, I would advise on the 44 in F last. Even 44.5 would be too big.
For Eidos - can someone explain the different cuts that are available for SCs/suits and describe the fit (or please point me to some helpful posts on the topic)? I see there is the Lorenzo model. What are the others?
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