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If you were a 52 before, I don't know how you'd be a 50 now. I don't think the NMWA cut/style would result in a whole size difference, even if there were slight variances.
Antonio's expression was in response to my concern of the upper sleeve "divoting" I was experiencing with Eidos suit jackets and sportcoats (but not outerwear like the FJ). To be honest, this was a concern/complaint I had also heard elsewhere. When he says SP nailed it, my assumption (and hope) is that this means the jacket will fit a wider variety of body types better and not have this upper sleeve "divoting" issue. I'm excited to try the new make up.
I hear sex is better.
The fit of this Ring jacket on you is pretty bad.
Is this true for any vendor, whether NMWA, Nordstrom's, Coachman's, etc.?
@NickPollica I love Eidos tailoring, but what has prevented me from buying any sportcoats is the fact I have major issues with the horizontal shoulder dimpling at the sleevehead. I think this is due in part generally to the slimness of the upper sleeve, the placement of the sleeve, and my build. Interestingly enough the sleeves of the Field Jacket fit and fall more or less perfectly - no dimpling whatsoever, and the sleeve curves down nicely to the cuffs without any...
[[SPOILER]] You went to work or a wedding on Easter?
If I recall correctly, I remember seeing it in a white/yellow vertical stripe, a red stripe with bottom pockets, and a white with some sort of island/nautical motif.
Well my ass was waiting for sizing advice from Greg, although I know they're closed for Good Friday, then someone swiped the small I saw available this morning (probably after seeing how good it looks IRL). I guess better for my wallet...
I thought he had said they were one and done for last season (for the various incarnations of the Dickie shirt).
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