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Darn!! I'm PT and checked into SF right around 9:50am my time. Is this absolutely closed, or can I place a pre-order via e-mail?Me too. But not sure where I got that idea from.
Are the NR pre-orders done already?? Please say no. Tried to do it this morning...
Great news. Glad to hear about the improvement.Question - any other pics of the oatmill color? Hard to tell from the swatch, but is it more of a taupe with some brown? Or is this a mid grey?
Looking at the DB myself. Digging the asymmetrical look. Debating on whether a liner would be a good idea since it seems it would affect the size I choose. I already have the Moscow, so I can't really have two ONE COATS.@gdl203 - for the SB or DB, say you throw it on top of a long sleeve shirt + mid-weight sweater or lighter jacket like the SS Thinner or a denim jacket, what can you get down to - 40s/50s, or is the SB/DB more of a shell?
I was thinking the POW, but would like confirmation as well since I'm digging the look of this one.
For the Thinner - which pic, if any shows: "In the blue with an excellent reverse pattern, the 50% deposit is $467.65, and comes down to $374.11 with the discount." Is it the first pic of a navy colored jacket? What's this "excellent reverse pattern"?
Sorry, didn't realize you had answered this a number of posts above. That's what I get for skimming through too quickly! ThxGreat idea. Do you happen to know the model's stats (height, weight, chest size, waist size)? I've found doing a comparison on that basis to be really helpful. If not, no worries.
@conceptual 4est I'm interested in the Thinner jacket. Should we be taking our "typical" SS size for this style? I got the Opium asymmetric hoodie in sz. 5 - same size in the Thinner? Thx.
Same. Should we be taking our "typical" SS sizes for these jackets?
My gf said the belt that made it look effiminate and it would be better without it (I assume using buttons for closure instead of a belt - I just stopped listening to her after that!). I have sweaters that pull over and those that button. A belted one in the mix is great.Haberdash on State St., but unfortunately, they're going out of business by the end of the month.
New Posts  All Forums: