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Sweet, I rather have a navy!
+1. Need those in my life. Just to confirm, you have the white, tan and black (i.e., it's not navy)? Is it too late to pre-order the tans?
Anyone with info on this? I guess I'll just email Lobb directly and see what they say and pass it along for anyone who cares.
Congrats Greg. Look forward to your goods. On your website, of course.
I've read in several places over the last couple of years that John Lobb was going to discontinue its Museum Calf line of shoes, but still see it being sold on the website and other stockists (like Mr. Porter and Neiman Marcus) for certain models like the classic City II and Chapels. The misty calf appears to be used with the newer models. Is Lobb simply phasing out its current inventory of the radica leather used for Museum Calf for the classic models or do they currently...
Are you holding a hot dog in that painting?
Do you plan to make more trousers with side tabs? Or can they be special ordered in the Slim Walt?
Not true.
This is by far, most excellent.
"overseen by the dear and sadly departed Rach2jlc" - Wait, did he leave the forum, or are you saying he passed away???
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