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I would wear a size 50 in this style of jacket, and you got over 40lbs on me, so a 52 may very well be too snug in the shoulders for you. A 56 would have definitely been too big. Looks good though. Enjoy it. Valstar makes a sweet jacket.
Looks good if that is the fit you prefer, but it's kind of a bit full for a blousson if you can layer a sweatshirt underneath since this type of jacket is typically worn on the slimmer side. You might want to consider sizing down one next time.
It's way too wide. I'll take it off your hands though. I'll give you my address.
Dark Brown Museum is clearly brown in any light, except when the light is off. The mottle effect is also quite evident, probably except in low lighting, but in a very good way. I see no problem having the matching belt. Well, the only problem is trying to afford that after buying the shoes.
Some Gingham action for the holiday party tonight.
Cool. Never seen a parka make sweet love to another parka before.
Good job with the pics, Kyle. That Niche Army Green jacket sure does look tempting...
Picked up this scarf: http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/accessories/scarves/petrol-wine-urban-camo-merino-stole.html Glad I did. It's my new all around favorite. Perfect size too. Was worried as a "stole" it would be too big, but loops nicely.
82320 + 75 = 82395
Normal to narrow. I wear a US D. Wouldn't want a C.
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