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^^Nice hat. Where did you pick it up at?
Haha. Well, this is StyFo! Where the neurosis about men's clothing never ends...
Doesn't rota or Formosa have like 12 buttons? Or maybe it's the Ambrosi pents I'm thinking of.
Not a fan of them on dress trousers either. I drink a gallon of water a day and coffee. Frequent urinal visits takes a toll on the fly and my patience with the buttons.
To read into what you're saying, Partenopea will be for S/S and F/W this year then go back to Isaia?
Did a quick search but couldn't tell. Is the Eidos drop done for the season?
Great to hear about the move to LA. Only downside is Californians now need to pay 10% sales tax. Hate sales tax.
I don't own Formosa, and I don't know what this means. Sounds a little too fan-boyish.
If you were a 52 before, I don't know how you'd be a 50 now. I don't think the NMWA cut/style would result in a whole size difference, even if there were slight variances.
Antonio's expression was in response to my concern of the upper sleeve "divoting" I was experiencing with Eidos suit jackets and sportcoats (but not outerwear like the FJ). To be honest, this was a concern/complaint I had also heard elsewhere. When he says SP nailed it, my assumption (and hope) is that this means the jacket will fit a wider variety of body types better and not have this upper sleeve "divoting" issue. I'm excited to try the new make up.
New Posts  All Forums: