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From what I gather, the S&C is more of a "regular cut" cardigan. I think because of it, it gives the slight bunching effect toward the bottom of the sweater. I tried both the M and L in the cardigan, but I wanted more of a slim fit. The M was too snug in the shoulders but still exhibited a slight bunching effect, while the L was better for my shoulders, but then the bunching was even more pronounced. If you want the slouchy look, I think the L works for you, and at least...
Nice...stance! Sweater looks good too.
I'm digging the suspenders. Kind of hard to tell, but how are they attached to your jeans?
Check out Scoop NYC's website. They don't sell the cardigan on line for whatever reason, and if you're not local, you can place a phone order. When you input your size and check availability, it will list which stores, if any, has the size. I think M is already sold out.
Noice. What jawns are those?
@NickPollica I picked up the Thompson Belted Cardigan. Beautiful piece. With a M, I get a nice slim fitted, clean look through the body, and with a tug I can get slight overlap of the front ends when belted, but it doesn't necessarily want to stay that prefers to be open since there is less material (like on the Scoop website http://www.scoopnyc.com/thompson-belted-shawl-collar-cardigan.html). With a L, there is definitely more room in the body and chest, I get more...
Just picked up RRL Japanese Slim Fit Selvedge denim http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=70982286&cp=11588650.12138266&ab=ln_men_cs_denim&parentPage=family What is the stretch like on these jeans? I'm a size 33 in trousers and can squeeze into size 31 in the denim. It's fairly tight in the top block, but I can manage to sit in them. I can throw on the 32s with no real issue, but not sure how much they'd stretch from here. Are these supposed to fit...
Sadly, I have the same issue at 52R. Tried on the 54R. Sleeves were a bit better, but was just too big all around.
^^Bad ass. Looks like you got a fox wrapped around your neck!
One of the best threads of the year. Thanks for documenting the experience. I know it can be significantly time consuming.
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