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Yes. You would need to pay for shipping.
Those are certainly fresh to death shoes. I'm tempted, but for whatever reason I have a strong aversion to the gum sole color. I have 8 pairs of CPs, 7 of which have white soles. Maybe something different is in order. Looking for a big enough push. Why so much love for the gum sole?
So glad to see you back, bud.
So how about the next Eidos drop?
Seems like there is quite a similarity in the color palette of the first three. Any chance of throwing in something different as a 5th possibility, like a blue? B6 would be my suggestion, if at all possible.
Thanks. That's helpful. I try to hit the gym regularly. Might be best to just try it out. I'm digging the Chambray.
What's the general consensus on Inglese sizing - should I go with my normal size, and what is the fit like through the chest and body? Just trying to get my understanding straight between these and the previously offered Mazzys. Gracias.
I look forward to spring 2016! haha.
How is Prince Akeem anyway? He inherit the throne yet?
Sounds like we are the same size - send me the stuff you no longer want. Except your underwear.
New Posts  All Forums: