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@gdl203 I still have a glimmer of hope that Eidos sport coats will work for me without overly tight sleeves and the "divoting" right below the sleevehead. @NickPollica mentioned some slight changes to the current iteration of the Tenero to address similar issues others have had. Any changes to the NMWA model such that it might work for me this time around (last season's didn't)? Otherwise, I'll try my luck with the new Tenero...
I picked up a James Grose leather double rider, what's the MTO thing about? What am I going to be able to do with MTO that is different than the stock offering?? It's pretty bad pass. I have the option of making it even more bad ass?
Maybe offer all the cities as an "all the pocket squares you'all ever need starter pack". Of course, we know that's not true because one will find a way to "need" a bunch more squares.
I'm digging the chunky GRP wool cap. Curious about the pocket detail. Is that an actual pocket where I can put a quarter in or something?
Anyone interested in F/W wool army green flannel trousers with built in suspenders, check my items for sale. Awesome unique trousers.
Anyone interested in Type 3 Geller Denim, I have a pair for sale in my signature. It was hemmed but not worn (can't find the tags now after I moved cross country).
In my experience, most cities in the Bay Area other than SF is similar to winter in SoCal, and likely too warm to get decent amount of use for shearling. I think if you're in the City where the temp diff can easily be 10F, then, you can get more use out of it.
Any one pick up the Eidos Cream Courtier Button Down who can comment on fit? I hear they run large, and it's best to size down. Is the body still going to be on the boxy side? Just want to know whether even with sizing down if I need to spend more coin to have a tailor take in the sides or add darts. After having nailed down my size with MTM shirt services, it seems hard for me to go back to RTW since I'm so picky about body fit and sleeve length. But RTW usually has the...
I'm of similar size and take L for a more of a fitted look.
That is strange. Don't almost all the euros drive stick? I know requesting an automatic rental car in Europe is pretty much laughable. Or did he just not drive?
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