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I do no socks and comfortable with that for hours.
Love that coat. Hopefully it's available and in other colors. Just preordered a gray NR DB POW!
Sweet, Greg. Ka-ching. I was agonizing/mulling over the color choice this past week. It was 2:29 and I had to just place the damn order, so went with the DB POW. Something different from my usual picks of Navy jackets/outerwear.
Darn!! I'm PT and checked into SF right around 9:50am my time. Is this absolutely closed, or can I place a pre-order via e-mail?Me too. But not sure where I got that idea from.
Are the NR pre-orders done already?? Please say no. Tried to do it this morning...
Great news. Glad to hear about the improvement.Question - any other pics of the oatmill color? Hard to tell from the swatch, but is it more of a taupe with some brown? Or is this a mid grey?
Looking at the DB myself. Digging the asymmetrical look. Debating on whether a liner would be a good idea since it seems it would affect the size I choose. I already have the Moscow, so I can't really have two ONE COATS.@gdl203 - for the SB or DB, say you throw it on top of a long sleeve shirt + mid-weight sweater or lighter jacket like the SS Thinner or a denim jacket, what can you get down to - 40s/50s, or is the SB/DB more of a shell?
I was thinking the POW, but would like confirmation as well since I'm digging the look of this one.
For the Thinner - which pic, if any shows: "In the blue with an excellent reverse pattern, the 50% deposit is $467.65, and comes down to $374.11 with the discount." Is it the first pic of a navy colored jacket? What's this "excellent reverse pattern"?
Sorry, didn't realize you had answered this a number of posts above. That's what I get for skimming through too quickly! ThxGreat idea. Do you happen to know the model's stats (height, weight, chest size, waist size)? I've found doing a comparison on that basis to be really helpful. If not, no worries.
New Posts  All Forums: