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Looks great!
Thanks guys. @coldinboston brings up a good point. The shoes I want are only 390BPS. So, less than the $800 I've read about for customs...I'll look into that as well.
For those in the U.S. who have ordered from Bespoke England, do you recommend shipping via UPS or Royal Mail (UPS being the cheaper option). I know you can get hit with customs fees through UPS and FedEx (and I have with other web stores based in Eu). Is it less likely through Royal Mail --> USPS? Anyone with experience with this?
Does this typically apply to RRL seasonal denim? Been eyeing a couple of washes that I can't (and wouldn't) pay full price for!
Had the same issue with the Sal trousers, not to mention the frog-mouth effect of the pockets. The non-tailored stuff has been a lot more forgiving for me (and why I own a bunch of it).
As great as it looks, that's a down payment for a car. But you don't need a car, so do it!
38 in clubman def looks better.
@gdl203 I still have a glimmer of hope that Eidos sport coats will work for me without overly tight sleeves and the "divoting" right below the sleevehead. @NickPollica mentioned some slight changes to the current iteration of the Tenero to address similar issues others have had. Any changes to the NMWA model such that it might work for me this time around (last season's didn't)? Otherwise, I'll try my luck with the new Tenero...
I picked up a James Grose leather double rider, what's the MTO thing about? What am I going to be able to do with MTO that is different than the stock offering?? It's pretty bad pass. I have the option of making it even more bad ass?
Maybe offer all the cities as an "all the pocket squares you'all ever need starter pack". Of course, we know that's not true because one will find a way to "need" a bunch more squares.
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