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I'll confuse you more. I'm a 44 (11US) in most everything. Including Butteros.
Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!! Dammit. There goes November savings... But thanks for the heads up NMWA!
79515 + 60 = 79575
Cool, thanks. I'm thinking that the throat latch piece also helps the collar stand up. Maybe it was discussed before, but did you just go with your regular jacket sizing? And do you find it fits more on the slim or "regular" side?
Awesome. Question, does the collar tend to stay up on its own when popped? I have a DB quilted wool coat, but when I put up the collar, it tends to flop and fall back down unless I have a scarf underneath giving it support. Wondering if the corduroy helps give the collar structure and stiffness to stay up on its own. Seriously considering this jacket, although it's prob the last thing I need...
76577 + 55 = 76632
That's what a credit card is for! Actually, don't. That's bad news...
Sizing really does depend on the shape of your foot. I'm a solid US 11 in dress shoes. 10 UK in most. 44s in Common Projects and Butteros fit me fairly well. I'm an 11.5 in all Nikes as another point of reference. I think the Butteros and CPs are just as good as each other. Depends on what styling you prefer. I say have both. I'm tempted to get the Navy one too. So much so, I better get offline before I do.
+1. exact comments was about to make. sleeves are also twerking a bit down their length.
Damn, that doesn't help one bit. Haha. Well, guess the only way to know if it fits is to buy one. Looks like I'll be adding that to my order. You're not helping my savings plan for the holidays any. I need to be thinking about others!
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