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Don't buy the belted cardigan! Don't want you looking as fresh as i do.
Got to call. When I called last night there were two left on the floor. I got one of them.
Enablers. Might as well welcome me to the Ajrak club.
What material is the Ajrak made of?
This info is awesome and timely. I know they're a bit slow to update their website. Thank you, sir.
Great casual look! How did you end up sizing the drawstring pants? Have heard split advice - some are taking same Eidos pant size, others have sized up.
Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but seems to be your size: https://www.haymakersandco.com/products/05233-50/eidos-napoli//4513981____
Damn, I wish Eidos tailoring fit me just as great as it does on you. I lift, and I'm not even really buff, and the shoulders and sleeves are all wrong on me, unfortunately. At this point, I'm just resigned to their non-tailored pieces that are much more forgiving.
I got a pair of JM Weston's I'd like antiqued. The original finish was screwed up by rain and me. I ended up stripping some of the color off the toe and heel with Saphir Reno Mat thinking I can just antique it with layers of polish, not realizing beforehand what I have is analine dyed leather, not crust. I don't have the desire to obtain the necessary materials and dyes to learn and do the work myself. More importantly, I don't want to screw them up as a first-time...
New Posts  All Forums: