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Great looking sweater! For a slouchier look, I think it works well, particularly with a BD underneath. But in terms of sizing, it looks as I would think an Eidos knitwear sz L would. The shoulders look a bit extended for my taste. We're about the same size, I think I would have opted for an M (my normal size in Eidos knitwear) since I prefer my sweaters to be more fitted, but I'm not sure if that would make it too tight in the body.
Team Jasper. Shark, while very nice, is not too far from black or the dark brown. Might as go balls out on this one.
Would have thought so too, but they were still too big for whatever reason, and I'm a true 35" waist. I only share this so people may consider sizing down or at least trying a couple of sizes.
Great pic! What's so intriguing on your phone?
This casual Dune Turtleneck I picked up from Gentry is great. Thicker than I thought it would be and love the texture. Only downside is it seems to be cut a bit short in the sleeves and body length. Would recommend it though. I'll get some good use out of it this winter. FYI for anyone interested in the light wash jeans - those things are crazy vanity sized. I'm usually a 50Eu in Eidos pants, but even the sz 32 jeans were much too big in the waist. I'm sure I could have...
Wore my black one today in snowy Chicago. Tempted to get the dove gray one, but I can't have two of the same coat. Can I??
True, but wanted to keep the question open ended with some point of reference to get Antonio's thoughts. For example on the denim, fit, or thinking behind throwing in jeans in the collection. The styling of the jeans on the Bloomies website leaves much to be desired and the fit isn't flattering on the model. Might be worth a try though if the fit or aesthetic is better suited with Eidos generally. Kinda hard to tell from two model photos.
@NickPollica Antonio, who makes Eidos' light wash denim jeans? Just curious how they might compare to say RRLs...
I believe I'm one size down from you. I went with a M for a more fitted look. L would have been the more slouchy look Antonio favors. I thought the L was a bit baggy in the body for my taste. To answer your question, get an L for something more fitted. XL if you want it to be slouchy.
I'm curious, does polo add a 15 or 20% kicker during the holidays on top of the 40% off on RRL?
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