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If I recall correctly, I remember seeing it in a white/yellow vertical stripe, a red stripe with bottom pockets, and a white with some sort of island/nautical motif.
Well my ass was waiting for sizing advice from Greg, although I know they're closed for Good Friday, then someone swiped the small I saw available this morning (probably after seeing how good it looks IRL). I guess better for my wallet...
I thought he had said they were one and done for last season (for the various incarnations of the Dickie shirt).
That looks great! Wished I picked it up before it sold out. That's what happens when you want to "think about it."@gdl203 Given I'm basically a size smaller than you (size 50Eu Eidos outerwear for reference), do you think I can get away with S in this cardigan?
Their styling sucks. The model is all wrong. Looks like a grown up wearing a kids size jacket.
Olive Green Mix FJ is delicious. Thank you for those who bought out size 50. I have 2 FJs (and one on the way). Can't have 4.
[quote name="hookem12387" url="/t/358653/eidos-napoli/4140_30#post_8370392" [/quote] @NickPollica Is anyone going to be selling the jacket and matching pants? Bummer about the shirt, that is one of my favorite pieces.
I like it teh cream.
Why is that? Didn't do well at the other locations?They really need to update their website.
just hang dry. try woolite for darks in gentle cycle. these shirts are going to fade. fact of life. dont not wear because youre afraid they will. gives you a reason to get more later on.
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