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Half size down on the kimber loafers. I don't normally size down, but glad I did. They run wide -ish, and going down half size prevented heel slippage. Love those loafers.
No!! Don't put the teeth through the cloth. You're supposed to be able to adjust the waist by a pulling or letting out of the tab, which you can't do if the teeth were through the cloth. Plus you'd ruin the side tab.
Nice. This one the Sak's version?
What's folks sizing experience with the cross-hair loafers? True to size or size down half?
What would you say is your widest fitting frames (among all makers), I guess similar to larger-sized wayfarers?
I'm interested in trying them, but I have a wide head. Not sure if Tirailleur does as well, but the arms look like they're pinching the sides, which would probably even be worse on me.
I love this.
^^Nice, I like how the shoulders fit on that. But it looks more grey in the photos. Were these offered in short sleeve?
^^Nice hat. Where did you pick it up at?
Haha. Well, this is StyFo! Where the neurosis about men's clothing never ends...
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