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+1. A size down and everything would be too small/short, including the sleeves.
I was unsuccessful in finding the post in this thread where Greg explained the different shoulder expressions offered by Formosa - anyone able to pull that up? Mr. Six - I like that. What shoulder is that? Seems to have a good amount of roping.
Jacket looks great. What size did you end up picking up?
Are there buttons for braces or side tabs? It would be hard for me to wear pants without at least one of those (belt, braces, tabs), even if the waist was tailored.
Awesome jacket and fit - who is the maker? What kind of fabric is it?
Now that's a true robo pose.
Love the cuffs on the short sleeve shirts. Wish I could find more of those.
Or a hangar full of hangers.
Thanks. Do you make personal visits to these stores? I was going to ask the SA if he's met or seen you come through the store just as a conversation point. I wonder if I dropped your name if he would have re-thought the lame reason he didn't give me the hanger. Now I'm annoyed he was dishonest with me, and I made it a point to give him the sale.
I was in the Chicago Bloomies and bought a sportcoat. The sales associate went and got a cheap-ass plastic hanger to replace it with. I asked if I could keep the Eidos one and he explained that he doesn't get new hangers when the next season merch comes in so he needs to save the hangers. Seemed like a suspect response, but plausible, so I didn't try to argue.
New Posts  All Forums: