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I tried that. Not sure how to iron out extra fabric. That's what is causing the pleat effect.
Stephan Schneider. Love the color and style, but I'm quite disappointed in the construction. I hate how there's extra fabric around the collar that it has this random folding/ vertical pleating effect rather than having a clean front. It's nothing that can be ironed out or goes away with hanging. First thing me and the girlfriend noticed. I feel it's a defect since the samples didn't look like this, and I feel a bomber should have a clean, flat front. Can this be fixed??
I removed all of the swooshes on my Nikes.
I like the pin in both the tailoring and outerwear. It's distinctive for Eidos, and I think a nice touch. My suggestion, for what's it's worth, is leave it in, and leave it up to the customer to collect them in a drawer or leave it in and wear it. Sometimes it's a good conversation starter - people have asked what the pin is about, and I don't mind telling them.
I found the sizing on these to be weird - a departure from the fit of the S/S version. In sizing up, I had similar excess in the waist, but the thighs were just slightly better. I returned them. I love the material and concept, and would have kept them if they fit anything like the S/S version. But with an overly skinny leg and excessively big waist, I couldn't make them work. I don't know why they were cut this way and different from the previous season - but I guess it...
Should have been, but 32s were still too loose for me.
Funny and great you should say this. The last time I thought about a "brand constant" in my life, it was (and is) Nike. Guess now you can add Eidos to that!
Just picked up this Mouline Turtleneck in gray. The fabric has a great texture and is amazingly soft. Fit was spot on for me too. Should have picked up the crewneck while I was at it.
@NickPollica Antonio, I'm curious if you have plans to add vents (double) to the Augusto model. I know you're going for a sweater/casual vibe on this one, which seems great for more weekend wear. But doubling as office-appropriate in a business casual environment, I find adding vents make the difference, more so for just the look and feel of a full sportcoat. But then again, it may be I just like vented jackets. Curious if anyone else feels the same way.
Dig the sweater, where from?Let me have it.
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