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Don't know if it will fit me right, but thanks! And I hear it is really really heavy. Haha.
You get it? Man, like you need more stuff. Give me a heads up when you return it (like that worked out well this last time). Are you regularly a size 50 or 52? Greg said a 52 fit better for him, and I know I'm a size down from him...
Trying to get a 50 is like going to Wal-Mart on Black Friday. I'm typically a 52, but sounds like i'm a 50 in Valstar. Thought I had an advantage because someone told me they returned it, and I suspected it would be back online today or tomorrow, so I was refreshing the NMWA page every 15 minutes this morning - except when I had a freakin' meeting. Of all times right?
No kidding. At least I got free lasagna. Famous last words: "What are the chances that jacket will be processed and put back online for the hour I'm out...not going to happen."
Sh!t. Did someone just pick this up? I knew it was coming back in and was monitoring it all morning. Went to a business meeting for an hour, and now not online.Geez. F me. Vultures. Seriously annoyed.
Jealous to see you guys rocking the outerwear during the day. It's freakin 85 deg. in SoCal. Not that I'm complaining...maybe a little.
Missed out on the Valstar Field Coat - the Notify Me function doesn't seem to be working after I put in my e-mail address (tells me to select a product without doing anything further). Anyone else having an issue with it?
What's the fit of the monitaly jeans like? These more of a slim or straight fit? What's the width of the bottom hem?
Is the fit of the Eidos Field Jacket similar to the sport coats? If so, what's the general consensus on sizing? If I'm a 52 in Isaia (or IT sizing, generally), go with the same for the Field Coat?
Love seeing this stuff!
New Posts  All Forums: