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Haven't followed Alden in quite a while. Anywhere I can kop cigar shell cordovan's on the Van or Aberdeen last? Have these been available from any retailer in recent memory? Can they be done MTO or through a group buy?
I wouldn't bother getting those tailored. The back pockets are definitely going to be thrown off.
yup, but you take the risk someone takes your size. This strategy works best if you're pretty sure you wouldn't want the item at 30%.
Time for a new girlfriend.
That's how you ball on the mountain! While I'm pretty good at staying on my feet, the off-chance of eating snow is enough to deter me from wearing such a nice (and expensive) time piece.
On the Breton, I went with my normal knitwear sizing. I thought it even looked a bit more relaxed on the Mr.P model than I'd want on me. Hopefully what you're saying doesn't mean I should have sized up.I picked up the Dune turtleneck from Gentry NYC, which I think is the turtleneck version of the fisk terry. Agreed, the texture is great. Very soft on the inside and substantial. I just thought the length ran a bit short in body and sleeves.
Awesome pick up. What size is the Augusto? I pulled the trigger on the striped Breton. Not sure if it's my steeze, but Antonio spoke highly about it, so want to see if it works for me.
Agreed. You snooze, you lose.
Does Big John offer lighter washed denim? I think I'm over the whole raw phase. I don't wear denim often enough to impart my own awesome fadez. That, and I tend to rotate among a few pairs, so wearing the hell out of a raw doesn't work out so well.
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