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At least he's not in his 30s dressing like he's in his 60s.
Funny, I was thinking. How nitpicky. But I agree with you 100%.
Cool logo. Gives some visual interest.
Just wanted to confirm the no expiration part as the UD site says "Offer must be redeemed by March 3, 2013." Thanks!
Gdl sprezzed out! Only one of the two top buttons done. Nicely done.
Question - i got a waistcoat in mid-grey. Should the silk back be of similar, matching color or is it typical to go with a darker silk - like charcoal or black?
What's the saying, pot calling the kettle...And sometimes socks match your pants because, quite frankly, that's the freakin' pair you pulled out of the drawer, and sometimes, who cares?
Nothing. It's his preference. Of course, if losing points in the eye of Foo causes you angst, stick to navy or maroon. That's not to say he doesn't have a good eye for certain things.
I'm personally a fan of using different shades of blue in the same outfit (suit, shirt, tie, but not so much pocket square), so long as the blues are readily distinguishable. It's tricky, but when executed correctly, looks awesome. Can't tell from your pic though.
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