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This would have been more believable if you said, "A definate winner!"
Haven't received my November order. Shame since I have an appointment with Chan in LA tomorrow to commission a jacket and was hoping for Patrick to address any issues with the November order. Guess it will have to wait till July (or better yet, hopefully no issues at all). And are we sure Patrick is still a cutter? I thought he used to be, but was promoted to some sort of manager. Didn't realize he was still involved in working with the cloth directly.
Or Jos A. Bank, buy one suit get 4 for free.
I'm "that guy" in the office who wears a suit and tie most of the time even though it is business casual. Everyone is used to it by now. In fact, they expect me to be well turned out. While I don't care about everyone else wears, it's sad to see "business casual" devolve to a polo shirt and khakis in some cases (in a legal environment no less). Don't get me started on teh shoes.
What size are you? might need to snag them from you. i'll rock whatever.
It amazes me how many people (particularly in this thread) seem not to like certain things because they think it has been Pittified. Very few of you have actually been to Pitti and the personas you think kill certain looks are mainly visible through the Internet (unless you happen to live in Italy). This whole anti-double monkstrap is one of them. Would I wear EG Westminsters to a board meeting (not that I go to any)? No. But to categorically discount them as a useful or...
You fools have all been trolled. haha.
I have found this KW square to be quite versatile. http://www.kentwang.com/pocket-squares/star-chart-cellarius.html The various, but unobtrusive, colors allows it to go well with various combos.
I know. It's crazy. Won't say any more...
Cornel West is the man. Obviously it was a beard reference. But he certainly has a unique approach to style. I heard him give a talk once, and he said every day it's like going into battle. He's ready to die, and if he drops dead, he's coffin-ready. "I got my tie, my white shirt, everything. Just fix my Afro nice in the coffin."Still wondering about that black wrap around his neck. Not really a scarf...I don't think.
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