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Such a tease!
Oh you mean like Trunk Club, but actually nice stuff.
1725 + 30 = 1755
Sexy color combo. Me likey.
He one ugly muthafucka tho
Or, you take your own pictures and don't have to worry about licensing issues at all. Although, you'll want the appropriate "model" releases.
^^^And we haven't even seen the shoes!
Looking sharp, Six!Since I'm not married, my gut reaction would have been to respond, "You look like an old rug!"
I got it in black slim taper. Unfortunately I was wavering between two sizes (both of which I had the opportunity to try on) and opted to size down anticipating some stretch in the waist. Stretch has been minimal over a few weeks of regular wear and it's not at where I want it in terms of comfort. Not being able to stand attempting to stretch it further, I buckled and just ordered another pair a size up (on sale).Anyone looking for a size 30 that has been hemmed? Will sell...
I would wear a size 50 in this style of jacket, and you got over 40lbs on me, so a 52 may very well be too snug in the shoulders for you. A 56 would have definitely been too big. Looks good though. Enjoy it. Valstar makes a sweet jacket.
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