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I know. It's crazy. Won't say any more...
Cornel West is the man. Obviously it was a beard reference. But he certainly has a unique approach to style. I heard him give a talk once, and he said every day it's like going into battle. He's ready to die, and if he drops dead, he's coffin-ready. "I got my tie, my white shirt, everything. Just fix my Afro nice in the coffin."Still wondering about that black wrap around his neck. Not really a scarf...I don't think.
Weird. Asians, especially in the U.S., are notorious for taking pics of their food and putting them up on FB, IG and blogs. At a table with Asian friends in a restaurant, you typically don't dig in until the requisite pics have been taken for posting.
Color wise, likely. Style wise, seems a bit too country.
Can't remember if I posted this one already. That's a white linen square. What I'm wearing today. Navy knit tie. Kent Wang square. Barker Black shoes.
Das Racist!
LMAO. Just watched parts of Police Academy this weekend. Reminds me of the Blue Oyster.
Ok. I was actually thinking that a midnight navy peak lapel with a dove grey db waistcoat was nice, but I think someone may have dissuaded me about a non-matching waistcoat. Is the key that if you go this route with a different color, you need to use a different material than the suit with different texture, like he did hear with linen? So if you have a worsted wool with say a mohair blend, what sort of material would work for a non-matching waistcoat?
Can someone (maybe the OP) speak more to the waistcoat? I haven't seen this before with a semi-formal/wedding-type ensemble. At glance, it looks like a db camel cardigan underneath. Is this traditional or your own twist in terms of fabric, color and style? But I do like.
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