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^^I'd totally kop that.
Yah, go to Bloomie's and take a pin from one of the jackets there. I'm kidding, of course.
Gracias. What's the best way of sizing the shorts? Should we take a size in either shorts as we would generally for Eidos pants? I've found most Eidos pants I've tried to be fairly slim, and if it's the same with the shorts, then I'll be more comfortable not thinking I should size down to account for a more relaxed cut. In case Antonio can weigh in @NickPollica.
Those ghurka shorts are bad ass. Couple of questions - what's the best way to size them? I sort of know my Euro Eidos pant size (e.g., 50). Would that be a 33 or 34 US size? Also, will the color make up be as shown on the model pics? The swatches on the NMWA pre-order page are coming out much lighter. I know you noted that for the Field Jacket the swatches came out light - was wondering if that's the case for everything as well.
Tasty. Those are niiice.
^Matches the carpet, so that's a plus.
Awesome looking jackets! Was in Sicily a couple of weeks ago myself for about a week. Too many towns to see. Favorites places were Cefalu, Taormina, and Vulcano.
^^Thanks for the rec. Looks good...except a 4-6 week standard turn around time sounds crazy to me. Guess it would be worth spending the extra $10 to get it in a week. I'll go check them out.
Recently relocated to Chicago (South Loop, specifically). Would like to get a few new pieces adjusted. Other than Oak St. tailors, any recent recommendations for a reasonably priced alterations tailor in the area? Not looking to head out to the burbs...
Beautiful work, sir!
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