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+1. exact comments was about to make. sleeves are also twerking a bit down their length.
Damn, that doesn't help one bit. Haha. Well, guess the only way to know if it fits is to buy one. Looks like I'll be adding that to my order. You're not helping my savings plan for the holidays any. I need to be thinking about others!
Greg, does that mean you normally would wear an XL shirt and would need to size up to XXL?I'm normally an L, so wondering if the XL would work (I thought we were both a 42 jacket)...
A dude or two threw in their tallies for the year to catch up. Guess they log it in a journal. I suppose if I did that, I could add another thousand or so, but ain't no body got tiiiime for doing that shit.
70,249 + 55 = 70,304
7 tons is honest. 10 is just fucking pretentious.
Maybe you can help your dad get back at her by making her read this threak.
Don't forget trashcans, particularly the ones that automatically open with a wave of a hand that you can buy at Costco.
This thread has a lot of awesomeness in it. And all of your books are retarded. Haven't you heard of the TV or Internet? Books are so obsolete.
Are there any other old-schoolers who see Pedaled and think of our long-lost forum poster Jose Pidal and his epic threads? You know, as in you got Pidaled? On a more related note, anyone pick up the Calabrese briefcase? Thinking about it, but would appreciate any thoughts on it. Feel free to PM me about it. Thanks.
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