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I look forward to spring 2016! haha.
How is Prince Akeem anyway? He inherit the throne yet?
Sounds like we are the same size - send me the stuff you no longer want. Except your underwear.
And know-it-alls on certain Styleforums where they talk as if they have such great style, then you see them post pics of themselves and turns out they hardly look better than average.NB: This comment is not directed to anyone who posted on this page.
I'm generally not a turtleneck guy, but that navy one looks sa-weet.
Up for sale are a few trousers that don't get much use. These range from original size 34 and 36 and have been tailored (except for one BNWT Howard Yount pair). Depending on the pair, the waist, length, or both were tailored - please see measurements. If we're a similar size, these are a good deal. Price includes shipping in CONUS. Measurements are in inches for: - waist (laid flat across) - front rise - thigh (measured 5" down from bottom rise) - bottom hem - inseam 1....
Up for sale are a bunch of my ties not having seen much use. Looking to thin things out a bit in anticipation of a move. Price includes shipping USPS within CONUS. These are all in great to excellent condition. All are standard 3-folds unless indicated. Let me know if you have any questions. Measurements are length x width (in inches) Up first are the blue ties. In the group shot from L to R: 1. Kiton silk blue stripe - 60.5 x 3.75 - $50 2. Kiton silk red geometric - 61...
Anyone know where I can get some good pents for cheap? Kthx
You got a 501(c)(3) so he can take a tax deduction?
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