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My gf said the belt that made it look effiminate and it would be better without it (I assume using buttons for closure instead of a belt - I just stopped listening to her after that!). I have sweaters that pull over and those that button. A belted one in the mix is great.Haberdash on State St., but unfortunately, they're going out of business by the end of the month.
Great sweater. I'm wearing mine today. For whatever crazy reason, the gf isn't a fan. She thinks the belted look is for the gheys. Weird comment from someone whose decently stylish herself and lived in NYC for years. But she's from the midwest, so maybe that's it.I'm generally a 52 in suits and L in tops. I sized down to a M on this one for a more fitted look. Actually, I tend to size down on Eidos outerwear (50). The L gave a much slouchier look than I preferred and was...
Would you be able to include in one order Black Fleece and regular BB items to apply Shoprunner, then just return the BB stuff you don't want to a B&M store?
I was just giving you a hard time. [[SPOILER]]
Better than the time I was calling it Isaiah.
Interesting, always thought it was Ay-ee-dose. Sort of like how you pronounce all of the vowels in Isaia (Ee-sa-ee-ah), unless I got that wrong too. ha!
I wanted to redo the antiquing on the toe area of some JM Weston plain toe bluchers and stripped the color of the toe area using Reno Mat. I've applied probably around 10 layers of Saphir cream and wax on the area, but I'm hardly getting the toe to take on the brown color (so it remains noticeably much lighter than the rest of the shoe, with a whitish slightly brown hue). Is it the case I should have considered whether I had crust leather vs. aniline dyed leather? I am now...
I got this in the heavy boiled wool NMWA version and agree that it has extended shoulders. The heavy wool helps maintain a more structured look. I believe the Nordstrom version is a lighter wool blend so it provides a softer, less structured look to the shoulders, similar to the field jacket. So that's the effect I'm seeing with this jacket. It's a great jacket. Enjoy it.
Nice kop. You don't feel the shoulders are too wide on you?
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