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Are you holding a hot dog in that painting?
Do you plan to make more trousers with side tabs? Or can they be special ordered in the Slim Walt?
Not true.
This is by far, most excellent.
"overseen by the dear and sadly departed Rach2jlc" - Wait, did he leave the forum, or are you saying he passed away???
Selling Epaulet White Cutaway Collar Pinpoint Oxford in sz L. Worn and washed 2 to 3 times. Washed delicate cycle and hung dried (not commercial laundry). Only pressed by hand. Asking $65, shipped continental U.S. Will ship internationally at actual cost. Shirt sells new at Epaulet for $130. You can read more about the shirts here: http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/shirts-knits/products/cutaway-collar-white-pinpoint-oxford It's the same shirt. PM me with any questions.
Why, just because he makes suits for a living? That does not make him an expert. He needs to spend more time on the Interwebz posting and looking at pictures to be classified as any sort of expert. Pfffttt.
Let's keep it simple with a red coral lapel pin.
Do you really own this tie? Or did you get it from the SF Tie Exchange?
This would have been more believable if you said, "A definate winner!"
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