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Ok. I was actually thinking that a midnight navy peak lapel with a dove grey db waistcoat was nice, but I think someone may have dissuaded me about a non-matching waistcoat. Is the key that if you go this route with a different color, you need to use a different material than the suit with different texture, like he did hear with linen? So if you have a worsted wool with say a mohair blend, what sort of material would work for a non-matching waistcoat?
Can someone (maybe the OP) speak more to the waistcoat? I haven't seen this before with a semi-formal/wedding-type ensemble. At glance, it looks like a db camel cardigan underneath. Is this traditional or your own twist in terms of fabric, color and style? But I do like.
Is clown vomit worse than any other kind of vomit?
Great interview. I'm a fan of Isaia.
One more for the day. This is actually what I'm wearing right now. Plain linen square. Dark gray worsted solid suit. And the tie is actually a lavender of sorts.
Ah, saturation is all screwed up in this pic then since the tie is actually navy background with red circles. Curious, would ditching a square in this instance elevate or detract from the fit or same?
I suppose if full-body shots are not required, I'll throw this previously-posted fit up. Looks like the color of the shirt might be a bit washed out, but it is a light blue.
haha. love it. very Skyfall of you.
I think as a baseline, we should have the judges provide their Foo rating for some of these fits. I'm not sure I ever read Foo critique the likes of MaoMao, PG, etc. before...
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New Posts  All Forums: