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I think it depends how you want particular pants to fit and the look you're going for. I'm a huge fan of side tabs and much prefer them to wearing belts. Slowly I'm replacing my belted odd trousers with trousers with side tabs.
Realizing rise length is relative, when you guys say "high," is this in relation to the current trend of low rise pants (in the 8.5" - 9.5" range), with anything above that "high"? I guess I tend to equate high rise to those you wear with braces and can really hike up to your belly button and still have decent amount of crotch clearance. I find even a 11.5" front rise (while I can get close around my belly button, also starts to give some nut hugging action, particularly...
Wait, you didn't buy a tie, but you've read through this thread, kept updated, and formally give the communications for this project a 5 of 10?
^^Thank you sir. As far as having my eye on Peal & Co. shoes (the chukkas), will this likely be the best discount, or would waiting yield further discounts? Just not sure how common the Peal & Co. hit steeper discounts. Guess I'm willing to wait since these are more of a nice-to-have rather than I need to fill a hole in my rotation.
What kind of sale does BB usually have on the 26th? Is it both in-store and online?
Nice. Are the sleeves particularly slim? Would you be able to fit a heavy sweater or suit jacket underneath? But being from LA, I'm guessing you wouldn't be doing that often...
@Epaulet Any plans to restock additional sizes of the Alden natural chromexcel Indy Boot with Commando Sole? In particular I'm looking for a 10.5D. Thanks!
Generally what's the measurement of the front rise Ambrosi uses on his trousers? Particularly those who request a higher rise or wear their pants with braces?
That's when you tell them you were in yesterday and so and so was helping you. Up to the ringing associate I guess if they credit the original sales guy. At least you tried.
Are Brooks' Peal and Co. shoes sized in US or UK sizing on the website? Was interested in these: Chukkas, but only if I can kop on significant discount. Anyone familiar with the shape of the toe? Kind of dumb they don't have an overhead shot, just a shot of the bottom of the sole.
New Posts  All Forums: