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These sold?
52,553 + 35 = 52,588
49,055 + 145 = 49,200
31,404+80 = 31,484
Not that the merino coat isn't bad ass, but won't get a lot of use in SoCal. But I do dig the Schneider Alpaca Coat. Will that be available through NMWA?
+40 = 20520
Greg, Any chance you will carry or otherwise have access to this green leather valstarino as well? With the grey contrast, it's sweetness.
+25 = 16,575
I think it depends what you already have in your shoe rotation. I think the plain toe models in black (i.e., Becketts, Cooper and Garnier) would be best for a groom wearing a suit or tux. But they are slightly more formal than the captoe models. Post wedding, you might get more mileage out of a captoe, since it seems to be less formal. But if your style of dress doesn't call for black dress shoes much anyway, then I think either a black plain toe or captoe will be your...
Ride or Die!!
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