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Adding 50 from yesterday. 57,600 + 50 = 57,650.
Pics, or it ain't true.And thanks for the response E.
Any of the sweaters available in V-necks? Haven't been able to warm up to crew neck sweaters given my sexy neck line.
Must got a beastly back. Lemme add to this: 56,379 + 55 = 56, 434
Ok. I'm jealous. How many sets is it taking you fools to crank out 100+ pull ups in a work out? Then I see numbers like 300...
Picture looks like it was taken in the 70s.
Funny you say that. Seems like most of SF prefer snug shoes. I'll see pictures in shoe threads where someone gets lambasted for a shoe that is "too big" because there is a slight gap between the heel and the cup of the shoe. I'm more like you and prefer the fit to be looser, but I'm cool with snug so long as its the right size. Not all shoes fit the same, even in the same style. I got some Vintage Low CPs in suede that feel stiffer than the regular leather, and therefore...
Cool, thanks. I'm a solid US 11, and while my CPs at 44 aren't snug, they don't seem too big either. Going down to a 43 would definitely be the wrong size. I'm an 11.5 in Nikes, so my foot seems to be slightly bigger than yours. Perhaps a better fit would come with a half size down in the CPs, which aren't available. Given all that, I'll try the Butteros in a 44 - should offer a nice snugger fit. Thanks for the point of comparison bro.
Thanks for these thoughts on sizing LA Guy. Greg advised Buttero's may run a bit snug, but I'm guessing I'd take the same size as my CPs in any event. Are you a fairly solid US 10 then in most shoes?And damn...20 CPs? I thought my 4 were enough (since they aren't cheap).
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