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One thing I noticed is that there can be something like a 1/2 inch variation for certain measurements among the same size of a particular model. If you got the tags still attached, one thing I'd consider is ordering two more pairs in the same size. Of the three, you'll likely find one with the fit you want. Happened to me - it was like the Three Little Bears. One pair the waist was too big. Another, felt more snug. The third was just right. I do think it's odd with the...
Even though it's marked M, it's cut bigger so there's definitely enough slouch, even for a 44 I'd say.
Cotton no show socks. Don't wear shoes sans socks, except for my castaner espadrilles. I'm sure I can wear these loafer with thinner full socks. Might be too snug with thicker socks during the winter.
^^on the crosshairs I went half size down (10.5 instead of 11). Good snug fit. I think I'd get too much heel slip going TTS. Can't say they've stretched an appreciable amount. Wear them once a week or two at most.
I just bought one fresh, but expensive house robe. Anyone plan to wear this out and about? Knowing my gf's dislike for my Aran cardi, she's going to talk some crap about this robe if i wore it out. Maybe just start it out slowly - like on a coffee run.
I likewise size down to M on the sweaters and knitwear for a nice fitted look, including the Aran cardi.
Don't know why I think about Eidos being offered here!
Don't buy the belted cardigan! Don't want you looking as fresh as i do.
Got to call. When I called last night there were two left on the floor. I got one of them.
Enablers. Might as well welcome me to the Ajrak club.
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