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That's what I end up doing. I'm so Italianate.
Thanks buddy. That's helpful.
FWIW, I also took one size down (32, being 33 in trousers). When going 2 sizes down in the slim fits, while I could button them, the upper block was just too tight in the thighs and crotch, like I was wearing women's jeans. I thought the waist had a good amount of snugness, and with some nominal stretching from wear, would fit best after several wears. I was not confident the other areas would likewise stretch. I work out regularly with decent size legs if that helps.
Unfortunately, I've found the FJ collar to be a bit flimsy for maximum popping effectiveness (MPE). Wish it had some sort of leather/suede collar band or something to give it some support when popped. One side usually ends up falling down in a matter of seconds. This is true even when I have a shawl collar on. Still love the jacket though.
I have both RRLs in slim fit and the Big John. The leg and taper are the same. The rise is slightly longer with the Big Johns, which I'd consider more of a mid-rise (as far as jeans go). The RRLs fit with a lower rise.
Anywhere I can find a guide describing the difference between the fit of rrl jeans? For example, what's the diff between slim fits and low straights other than the taper of the leg? Are the rises the same? Are the thighs bigger for the low slims? I tried comparing the measurements for different washes and fits from the rrl product pages for the same size, and I didn't see anything consistent that would be helpful.
I know some people like to wear sleeping bag sort of down coats that go down to their calves when they bundle up, but I'm guessing the NR Moscow is long enough. The Moscow uses wool fibers as an alternative to down, and it sounds it will be good at freezing temps as Greg's pointed out. I much prefer the styling of the Moscow over Canada Goose and much higher priced Moncler alternatives.
What would be warmer for a Chicago winter, the SdC rabbit lined parka or the Norwegian rain Moscow coat, or about the same?
From what I gather, the S&C is more of a "regular cut" cardigan. I think because of it, it gives the slight bunching effect toward the bottom of the sweater. I tried both the M and L in the cardigan, but I wanted more of a slim fit. The M was too snug in the shoulders but still exhibited a slight bunching effect, while the L was better for my shoulders, but then the bunching was even more pronounced. If you want the slouchy look, I think the L works for you, and at least...
Nice...stance! Sweater looks good too.
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