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As far as the mass drop listing, I think you should get rid of the pic of the light blue tie since it's not being offered. I don't know why it's being displayed so prominently.
Does madder refer both to the fabric itself and associated feel and the general patterns used (eg florettes or geometric shapes)? Any real quality difference in screen printing vs ink jet printing? Had no idea these patterns are printed simply using an ink jet printer.
Good stuff. Amazing price point. Wish that blue one on the Mass Drop site was available through this.
Yes. You would need to pay for shipping.
Those are certainly fresh to death shoes. I'm tempted, but for whatever reason I have a strong aversion to the gum sole color. I have 8 pairs of CPs, 7 of which have white soles. Maybe something different is in order. Looking for a big enough push. Why so much love for the gum sole?
So glad to see you back, bud.
So how about the next Eidos drop?
Seems like there is quite a similarity in the color palette of the first three. Any chance of throwing in something different as a 5th possibility, like a blue? B6 would be my suggestion, if at all possible.
Thanks. That's helpful. I try to hit the gym regularly. Might be best to just try it out. I'm digging the Chambray.
What's the general consensus on Inglese sizing - should I go with my normal size, and what is the fit like through the chest and body? Just trying to get my understanding straight between these and the previously offered Mazzys. Gracias.
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