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Is the hopsack generally a more open, dryer type of weave?
Glad I did it this morning. I was wavering on fabric selection - you didn't make it easy.
Green puppy tooth Field Jacket ordered. Looking forward to this one.
@gdl203 Re: the Custom Order Field Jacket - for the oatmeal herringbone donegal - with it being 100% silk, is this fabric thin and light and less suitable for fall weather? Is it possible to order the FJ's with some lining?
On the MTO - can we make adjustments to sleeve length?
I recently received the SS Opium jacket. It's an amazing, lightweight jacket, and the fit/cut is actually spot on for me. In a word, it's badass. Glad I was able to snag it in my size. I'll try to get fit pics this weekend.
Up for sale brand new Gustin Heavy Caramel Chinos in size 33 slim fit. Just received the pants in the mail. If you missed out on this campaign from a couple months ago, here's your chance to grab them for less than I paid. Asking $99 shipped USPS CONUS. From this campaign: https://www.weargustin.com/store/1554 Measurements as follows (also from website): Edit: I measured the actual pants - the measurements are essentially the same as the sizing guide per the...
Question for you guys buying Inglese - do you get sleeve length tailored? I get my shirts MTM and have a specific sleeve length and cuff opening nailed down so that the sleeve hits my wrist at a particular spot in relation to my jacket sleeves so I'm showing the amount of cuff I want to show (normally between 1/4 - 1/2"). Generally when I buy RTW, the cuff openings are huge (I have skinny wrists), coupled with sleeve length, they don't pair well with my jackets (end up...
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