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Not a fan of them on dress trousers either. I drink a gallon of water a day and coffee. Frequent urinal visits takes a toll on the fly and my patience with the buttons.
To read into what you're saying, Partenopea will be for S/S and F/W this year then go back to Isaia?
Did a quick search but couldn't tell. Is the Eidos drop done for the season?
Great to hear about the move to LA. Only downside is Californians now need to pay 10% sales tax. Hate sales tax.
I don't own Formosa, and I don't know what this means. Sounds a little too fan-boyish.
If you were a 52 before, I don't know how you'd be a 50 now. I don't think the NMWA cut/style would result in a whole size difference, even if there were slight variances.
Antonio's expression was in response to my concern of the upper sleeve "divoting" I was experiencing with Eidos suit jackets and sportcoats (but not outerwear like the FJ). To be honest, this was a concern/complaint I had also heard elsewhere. When he says SP nailed it, my assumption (and hope) is that this means the jacket will fit a wider variety of body types better and not have this upper sleeve "divoting" issue. I'm excited to try the new make up.
I hear sex is better.
The fit of this Ring jacket on you is pretty bad.
Is this true for any vendor, whether NMWA, Nordstrom's, Coachman's, etc.?
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