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Interesting. Was it supposed to have the Lupo collar? I'm having a hard time imagining splitting the placket and collar if it is a one piece like this. I actually think this shirt looks great, not just because I own it. Because of the fabric, I don't think it could have been pulled off well as a rugby shirt, which I associate with rugged, thick, piquet fabric with loud branding/numbering. I guess I like the application of the Lupo collar to a linen popover-type style....
^^thats lots of win right there
I would think theses changes are minor to the general public (and maybe even buyers). You mean to say a Bloomingdales shopper looking for a suit would pass up an Eidos model based on 1cm length, shape of a lapel, and the third button? I would think these are apparent and more relevant to a more informed crowd like those on SF. This a result of looking at the data/sales numbers?
Bravo. They've found a way to normalize shitty service so everyone gets it.
Great look. Where are you that you can layer like that already??
I got to try me the improved Tenero for F/W. I continue to have issues with the tightness of, and the dimpling in, the upper sleeve near the armhole. The sleeve pitch seems to be off for me. The factory switch for this past season didn't seem to address those concerns, so hopefully the new changes do.
Nice! Glad it worked out. Those sizing variances can make a difference.
Does J. Crew make high-rised trousers? Those look to be of the low/med rise variety, and to my eye, doesn't work in a high-waisted context. I say that because the crotch of your pants is hugging your nuts a bit much. Otherwise, I like the summery vibe of the outfit.
Good luck! Hope they work out better for you. I was half serious about ordering another 33 as well. I'm no rrl expert, but I'm wondering if the extra button on the 33s you got is an anomaly. I get that as you move up in size, the measurements increase, but a 32 to 33 isn't that drastic. I wonder if that's other folks experience in slim fits. I've ordered a 32 and 33 in a different wash before, same number of buttons...
It's not really a piece that can be measured easily given its open and belted style. I'm a jacket size 42, and while I'm generally a large in various sportswear, in Eidos knitwear (which I also find big), I'm a M. I took a M in the Aran for a fitted look in the shoulders and chest, so the fronts don't really stay overlapped. I could have done large, but it would have looked slouchier than I wanted. If you're a 40, the M may be in the range and work for you as well, with a...
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