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Anyone with the Eidos Ghurka shorts feeling they are sized on the smaller side? I ordered a 34, which is what I wear in all Eidos trousers, and I can't even get the shorts close to buttoning or getting the side straps in. And this is me pulling them up to (and even over) my natural waist. They feel like 32s, if that. Is this a case I should have sized up?
What are we talking about here?
I love the new Eidos hangers. Want a whole closet full of them.
I'm surprised quite a few of you actually size down on the Augusto. I find the Augusto to be similarly slim as the Tenero, albeit more forgiving in fit since it's unstructured and more relaxed.
Something like this would great.
I wish I were 6'3".
The Dwight Schrute collection.* *not a knock on the clothes or brand at all
Now posted above.
In case anyone is interested in a brand new Eidos Wool/Silk Blue Tenero Sportcoat 52R
Selling a Brand New with Tags (and basting thread) Eidos Wool/Silk Tenero Sportcoat from F/W 2016 sz. Eu52. This sportcoat is made with 8 different blue colors, giving it fantastic texture and depth. With soft shoulder construction, patch pockets, and being unlined, it's a versatile go-to jacket for both dressier and more casual (e.g., with jeans and a Lupo polo) occasions. Because the jacket is unlined, it's great for four-season wear. Details: Tenero Model 55% silk 45%...
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