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Even at work? Was contemplating doing it today. Biz casual environment where guys wear polo shirts. Guess it would have been fine...
Taking in from the back is partly the problem I'm sure, as I notice the pockets are a little further back across my hips. Before alteration, I'd say I had the same issue since I needed to cinch the side tabs quite a bit, causing the pockets to open. But, I noticed similar frog mouthing of the pockets with the couple of trews I own with on-seam pockets. I'm sure my hips themselves contribute to this since I'm not model thin. This is not really an issue with trews with...
First time wearing my Sal trousers, which I had taken in at the waist a bit (inch). Awesome trews for sure. Only thing is I'm getting the frog mouth effect with the on-seam side pockets. I don't have that issue with other pants with off-seam (slanted) pockets. Anyone else having the same issue? Any design preference for the on vs. off-seam pockets @NickPollica ?
Great fit. Were you nervous someone was going to come in and see you taking pics of yourself for the Interwebz?
Who carries the PS?
We're civilized in these parts.
nice write up
Amazing bags for sure.
What new Master Piece stuff??
Same experience here.
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