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The Dwight Schrute collection.* *not a knock on the clothes or brand at all
Now posted above.
In case anyone is interested in a brand new Eidos Wool/Silk Blue Tenero Sportcoat 52R
Selling a Brand New with Tags (and basting thread) Eidos Wool/Silk Tenero Sportcoat from F/W 2016 sz. Eu52. This sportcoat is made with 8 different blue colors, giving it fantastic texture and depth. With soft shoulder construction, patch pockets, and being unlined, it's a versatile go-to jacket for both dressier and more casual (e.g., with jeans and a Lupo polo) occasions. Details: Tenero Model 55% silk 45% wool Lapels ~3.75 inches 3/2 rolled bottoning Patch...
@NickPollica If I recall, at least one of the Eidos sportcoat/jacket models is supposed to be similar to Isaia's Base-S. If so, which one, and how closely does it track? Unfortunately, the Eidos SCs aren't working for me (even the new Tenero) - shoulders too narrow, sleeves too tight, and armholes too high (sizing up gives me other problems). While I workout regularly, I'm by no means overly muscular at 170lbs. I do have a few Base S suits and sportcoats that fit great...
My big john black tapered had minimal stretch in the waist. I'd hesitate to say even 1/2 inch, but I've had them for about three years now, couldn't say for sure. Never washed.
Ha! Probably should have spent another second or two thinking about my awful math. Was thinking how is this guy 85 now?
It's crazy to see my SF join date of 2006 - over 10 years ago! And you, JLibourel, a good dozen. In my early journey going with Chan, I found your feedback quite helpful. And if I recall correctly, I wouldn't have pegged your vintage in your late mid/late 70s (back then), let alone mid-80s now. I'm sure along with your friends, family, and the rest of SF, I hope you stick around for quite a while longer!Personally, it's been a few years since I've ordered from Chan. Mainly...
Great, thanks. Right now, it looks like Bloomies is carrying the dark brown large herringbone. I like the grey/white "speckled" look of the Gentry version.
@NickPollica Antonio - how's sizing for the Shay over coat? Let's say I'm a 52R sportcoat and 50R in the hunting jacket and previous iterations of the FJ. I'd want to be able to wear it over a thick cable sweater or even sportcoat. Would a 52 be best? Also, how thick is the coat? I'm really digging the Gentry version over the Bloomie's. Any difference in weight? Unlined and no internal drawstring?
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