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That looks great. This more TTS now? Would one take the same size as one would the Lupo polo? I had to size down one for the sportshirts this season.
NR Moscow Inis RRL Eastman Shermans
Anyone pick up the slim fit Riverside wash from the sale? Curious about thoughts on the denim. Feels fairly stiff to me. Prob because it's a heavier denim? Debating whether to keep them since I also kopped the Billings and Fairview washes, which I'm keeping.
Antonio - are you going to be offering the same or similar grey & taupe donegal herringbone raglan sleeve overcoat from NMWA next year? Missed it this time around, but hopefully it will just be a staple I can pick up next time.
Dibs if it's $50!
Haven't followed Alden in quite a while. Anywhere I can kop cigar shell cordovan's on the Van or Aberdeen last? Have these been available from any retailer in recent memory? Can they be done MTO or through a group buy?
I wouldn't bother getting those tailored. The back pockets are definitely going to be thrown off.
yup, but you take the risk someone takes your size. This strategy works best if you're pretty sure you wouldn't want the item at 30%.
Time for a new girlfriend.
That's how you ball on the mountain! While I'm pretty good at staying on my feet, the off-chance of eating snow is enough to deter me from wearing such a nice (and expensive) time piece.
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