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Tasty. Those are niiice.
^Matches the carpet, so that's a plus.
Awesome looking jackets! Was in Sicily a couple of weeks ago myself for about a week. Too many towns to see. Favorites places were Cefalu, Taormina, and Vulcano.
^^Thanks for the rec. Looks good...except a 4-6 week standard turn around time sounds crazy to me. Guess it would be worth spending the extra $10 to get it in a week. I'll go check them out.
Recently relocated to Chicago (South Loop, specifically). Would like to get a few new pieces adjusted. Other than Oak St. tailors, any recent recommendations for a reasonably priced alterations tailor in the area? Not looking to head out to the burbs...
Beautiful work, sir!
You're not going to get shrinkage a full size. Not even half size for that matter. Granted, I haven't dried a Lupo on high heat, but it's unlikely. Usually I just get it to around the original fit as it was before my full day of wear may have stretched it out.
Half size down on the kimber loafers. I don't normally size down, but glad I did. They run wide -ish, and going down half size prevented heel slippage. Love those loafers.
No!! Don't put the teeth through the cloth. You're supposed to be able to adjust the waist by a pulling or letting out of the tab, which you can't do if the teeth were through the cloth. Plus you'd ruin the side tab.
Nice. This one the Sak's version?
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