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There were some #8 chukkas, but that's about it.
More of an 8.5D myself in the LWB's, but would consider making these work
Looking for a cordovan cap toe and/or wing tip boot to add to the collection. Preference goes to brogued offerings on the cap toe. Usually run 8.5D on the barrie last, which I suspect most interested replies will be (if any). Color preference to the exotics, but #8 is also desired. Not looking for black at this time. Wasn't sure what to put for price; hence the 1 dollar.
That looks more like the deerborn belt and not the wide basic dress belt, correct? Stumbled on this particular image when searching for a new belt to match some whiskey LHS's, and I like the look of the deerborn.
the probability of getting them need not be mentioned. I'll get them just in time to wear to my funeral.
Damn, those #4 boots are stunning. May be heading to the top of the 'want' list
Looking for the following: Alden Chukkas 8.5D, Barrie Last Whiskey, Cigar, or Ravello Cordovan only Also looking for some LWB's in the same specs above I know these dont come around often, but I figured I'd ask and see what comes of it. Thanks in advance!!
How do these fit compared to the Indy 9D? Both are on the Barrie, but these "look" like they'd be more tts than the indy barrie. /thats my way of saying that the 9D captoe barrie will fit like my 8.5D indy barrie.
Shoes are now being listed on eBay. Would much rather sell them to you guys!
Now $275.00
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