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Hello, Realize it is a while ago that you posted the photo of the shoes with the metal quarter tips, but am glad that you did, and that you don't find the sound they make annoying like some men. They should sound nice and solid it seems. Blake
I like the click of the v-cleats also.
They are really handsome. Have you broken them in yet? How do you like the inset heel tap? Blake
Hope you get some takers. They are not very easy to install.
sort of rare to find cobblers who will do the v-cleats. Guess it depends on location and being in a large city.
I like the sound of metal taps on heels if they are on a solid/hard heel so they just make a hard solid click when walking. They do protect the heel as well, and if applied properly won't fall off like the plastic taps.
They look good and the price was right. I would have probably added 2 v-cleats to fully protect the heel. They well seat in after you wear them a bit and they get wet.
What did you decide to do about the inset heel plates?
Yes, hope you went for them. They look very discreet and probably sound great.
we called them cleats when I was growing up, many years ago. Heel plates and taps are other names.
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