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Looks like a fine cordovan/crup to me.
I'm also similar in stature to you and would suggest it is worthwhile you looking at Armani suits ( sale prices if your budget is tight) for more formal attire. If you ever visit Northern Italy where the guys are often of our stature, you'll find, as I did, stores full of stuff the will fit without alteration (even down to mass market but reasonable quality 'intermissimi' T's & underwear. Good Luck!
Seems to be sitting a little high on the head, else perhaps tilted backwards? ~I'd try a larger size to compare.
Look similar to some Sebago Norwegians I owned but they had a mixed leather composite sole.
My humble opinion is not to buy stuff that might just fit & look OK if a really good tailor made lots of alterations. Instead of taking such a gamble I'd advise you try on different designer's RTW suits to see which fit you the best, for example I know a 48R jacket from Armani or Donna Karan is likely to be cut to my body shape, but a 48R from Dolce Gabbana is likely to be too long/narrow for me. Once you establish which brand is likely to fit, wait for the sales & go...
Also various shades of khaki and of brown.
Quote: Originally Posted by BareSolid Thanks all for the advice. A few things - I'm in a cold and wet climate but I still prefer not to wear rubber soles unless I am wearing plimsols at the gym. - I like the idea of getting a pair of brown monk shoes and brogues, perhaps the latter darker than the former (tan monks and dark brown brogues, perhaps?). - I have been curious at all these mentions of wearing black Oxfords to formal occasions, on the few...
Quote: Originally Posted by Pennywise the Clown The only time I could see them working would be for someone 70+ and disgustingly wealthy. A tycoon type. The kind of guy who also wears a velvet smoking jacket whilst sitting in the library of his 15 bedroom mansion country estate. Opera Pumps - I can see them being worn by English Barristers (Court Lawyers), Judges and people joining the Masonic societies, but voluntarily by anyone else ?
Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin I am also going to have to add a man thong, and one of those unit suspender bathing suits. Aha! You mean the Borat-style Mankini (scrotal suspension system & butt flosser in one). Agreed!
Hate is too strong a word but I sometimes pull a face on the inside when I see : 1. Big Logos on T-shirts (Emporio Armani . D & G etc., & rip-offs of same) 2. Low slung underwear-exposing denims (on guys) - please buy a belt/longer leg size! 3. Extremely pointy 'fashion shoes' Prada/D&G do a few - only look OK on Coco the clown at the circus, maybe.
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