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Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 Allen Edmonds and Alden. Edit- Also some UK brands like Hackett, Thomas Pink, John Smedley,... 100% agree on john smedley for wool knits and cotton Ts - expensive but they look all their money and feel great imo.
Quote: Originally Posted by 82-Greg I prefer round, but also have some chiseled. I object to three issues for footwear: a) No socks for dress shoes, b) Monk straps, c) Overly long toe-box ala Stacey Adams amongst many others. Overly long toe box also a pet hate of mine ( apart from on circus clowns where it usually seems in keeping with the rest of the ensemble).
Black suits ? Reservoir Dogs. The Dog's ********!
If you can find them in a sale go for John Smedley - long in the body & beautiful cotton and made in England by local workers in a small Mill hamlet ( don't expect made in China prices). Boss, Armani , D&G and CK underwear lines also worth looking at for close fitting longer bodied basic coloured Ts.
The wear on the toe might indicate a shoe that is slightly too long. I had the same kind of wear pattern on the front of a shoe that was 1/2 size bigger than I normally take ( although they were comfortable due to a different last). I wouldn't worry - just getting the toe pieces replaced when they wear rather than the whole sole is possible.
The (mainly) English affectation of wearing bright red socks with a suit ( city workers; news readers etc.), may be signalling something like 'even though I have to wear this highly conformist/sober uniform for my work, I'm actually a very exciting and racy person underneath the surface & am not boring at all - as indicated by my red socks.' This tends to raise far fewer eyebrows than the wearing of white socks with a suit in the UK ( where this indicates either an avid...
I'd say yes - one more, albeit thin, layer of protection does no harm at all.
Probably not a good idea to turn up better dressed than your date, if you want a second date.
Wear them with a) a sense of humour, b) a pair of black leather trousers, c) ironic peacocking attire (e.g. open necked shirt & big gold medallion) , perhaps avoiding the Blue Oyster club in each case.
Interchangeable terms I believe, although sometimes 'cordovan' is used to describe the reddish colour on (even cow/calf hide) shoes.
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