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I know James Bond wouldn't trust me but I go for a half Windsor almost every time - I blame the English school system for this - only the kids at my school who couldn't quite manage joined up writing went for the 4iH. Don't want to cause offence but there seems to be something appealing about the symmetry of a well tied Windsor.
Loake appear bottom of the list for most people here, but they are still imo streets ahead of most high street chain store offerings - they were my first 'proper' shoe ( prior to that I'd gone for low-medium end fashion store shoes) and were a revelation in terms of fit comfort and durability.
I'd suggest something like... Edward Green/John Lobb (tie) Church's Royal Collection C&J Handgrade G. C. Cleverley RTW Grenson Masterpiece /Stuarts Choice Church's C&J Trickers New & Lingwood Cheaneys Alfred Sargent Grenson Barkers Loake
Loafers with or without tassles.
The way shoes crease can be an indication.
Sad to see - yes I'd try a decent cobbler, then if they are unwilling/unable to attempt a repair, I'd try to close the cut as much as possible with superglue and the back of a spoon followed by liberal application of wax polish to hide the damage as much as possible. Please feedback how you get on.
This kind of purchasing may happen when a particular model in a specific size is rare/discontinued/not readily available from stock and the 'seconds' on offer have no major faults. In that case I could understand someone paying a small premium over RRP if the shoe was a 'must have' and time was a factor. Perhaps slightly obsessive rather than idiotic behaviour?
Suggest you have a try-on of some of the Church's (stalwart basic model) offerings in G or H width fitting especially on the 100/103/104 last shapes.
Too much creasing. Either they are the wrong size or the volume of the shoe is too much for your feet (incorrect last size) - good shoe trees would sort these problems out over time. Finally they may have been poorly re-soled pinching the uppers (new soles needed to sort this out).
Depends for what purpose you mainly intend to wear them. The RMW should be first choice if you are looking for mainly casual with the the odd foray into smart/casual. The C&J should be first choice if you envisage mainly formal/business use (although can work with chinos/jeans at a push).
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