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I really like the higher end Versace stuff - a couple of quite restrained Black Label suits from the early '90s still look all the money, suit my shape (5'7'' gym weights user) and make me feel great, the 'youth focused' Versace V2 stuff less so. Totally agree some Versace range can be 'fashion forward' to the point of musical theatre fanaticism - not really my look. The jacket in the photo didn't seem to fit the model too well ( it seemed too small to me?) but it...
It does not need to - the domestic market is so big. However, it is somewhat surprising that someone from say alden hasn't branched out a la G & G to make something really high end/bespoke? Perhaps US corporate non-compete clauses prevent this ?
Quote: Originally Posted by MrG I think the color combination is great, but I'm a little iffy on the slacks/suede shoes combo. I think I'd have to see them together to have a strong opinion. You guys make jokes about our shoes? Don't you have anything better to do? No wonder the Empire collapsed. Good colour combination but I'd also prefer brown calf rather than suede with those trousers.
Boss suits at good discount/sale prices (fused or not) could be worth having - in my experience the cut is markedly different from Italian brands, and if it flatters your body shape, then why not. Agree that sometimes Boss can be a bit fashion forward & so date quicker than say Armani, but the same could be said of many more expensive brands (e.g. a nice Zegna db suit I own is not currently wearable unless going to an '80s themed fancy dress party).
Hi - pay the premium and go to Tiffany's for your platinum rings. I did! Unless you are an expert in jewellery, this is an area where you could get seriously taken advantage of. A 1 carat diamond ring could be priced at $200 to $20,000 & whilst I can tell if a stone appears brighter than others, this is one area where I wouldn't know a fair price so I'd go to a branded store with a reputation to uphold, and pay a bit more for piece of mind. Congratulations by the way!
Quote: Originally Posted by southbound35 +1. And I rarely wear black shoes. Yes black shoes for a wedding unless you want to be hypnotically drawn to looking at your shoes in wedding photos in the future (although not patent leather with that suit IMHO). To wear as a (non-wedding) summer suit, I'd go for an even lighter brown/honey coloured since it is a very light grey.
[quote=Mark Seitelman;3205768]This President controls his images and messages in the media. The famous photo of Gov. Stevenson with a hole in his shoe was a candid shot at a public appearance. There was nothing accidental about the President's photo. Therefore, I think that it's a posed and phony shot. Quite possibly so, but the subliminal message to me is that the president is so busy walking the streets meeting people and getting stuff done, that he has worn...
Truly understated and elegant - beautiful shoes.
An excellent looking pair of boots (look like C & J at half their price!) I think they've got a real winner on their hands in this model - I'm certainly up for a group purchase at GBP 150. Is a member willing to put in the time to coordinate this?
Quote: Originally Posted by archetypal_yuppie Hugely doubt the poor part I'd also go for New York also as least & most formal dressed - regarding the 'poor part' I imagine the writer was referring to the apparently homeless beggars (pan handlers?) with possibly mental health/ substance abuse issues? They are quite noticeable in Manhattan but appear to be outnumbered by ladies in real fur coats I see whenever I visit. Regarding most elegant...
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