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Carmina are extremely well made with a beautifully waisted sole on the one pair I own. I'd say my super soft black calf pair comfortably match C & J benchgrade at least & are close to handgrade IMHO. Campers for ultra comfortable casual wear ( throw away when soles get worn down without crying over the expense).
Quote: Originally Posted by Trinitrogen Oxide Thanks guys. I think I just got worried cause I'm not used to a toe that long and narrow (common in italian shoes?). I compared them to my AE Evanstons that I know fit me well and they're actually very comparable in size and dimension to my untrained eye (pic below). Gonna give them a proper test drive today and see what happens. You are blessed/plagued with similar shaped feet to me! You are...
Pale crepe soles IMHO are to be avoided as in my experience they prove impossible to clean and look very scruffy after a very few outings (even tried household heavy duty cleaners with bleach in etc.) ...unless of course someone could enlighten me if they have discovered a way to clean them effectively?
Quote: Originally Posted by chobochobo I used to love Bally when I was back in the UK maybe 20 years ago. I've not been tempted here in the UK, they tend to be two to three times the UK price and the general quality has gone downhill a bit in my opinion. Case in point, a pair of of made in Switzerland Bally's started coming apart (splitting of the two layers of the sole) after about 3 wearings (they're free to anyone who wants to pay postage and glue them...
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy Close crop all over stubble and shorter hair. It will make you look younger. +1 Buzz cut the goatee to make it appear more tidy - full beard will add years.
Quit smoking asap - or watch as choice of lighter becomes very low down on your worry list...
I'd go even plainer - remember the thing has to look good with whatever you are wearing hopefully for many decades - the thing will still show its age somewhat due to the thickness of the band. Think simple honest/direct statement not fashion statement.
Quote: Originally Posted by brazboy Hey guys, the title says it all. I have wide feet and some trouble to find shoes that would fit. I usually go for italian shoes, but I'm thinking about trying english brands such as Church's and Lodger because they seem to be bulkier and roomier. Any suggestions? Thank's. You are correct - Church's go to 'H' fitting in a few models - never thought I'd try on a pair of shoes that were too wide but...
These tie and short sleeved combo's used to be the preserve of our Israeli distributors when I worked in high tech in the '90s. We UK based guys didn't comment figuring it was probably so hot out there that we'd probably end up wearing eccentric stuff in their position. Interesting about the surgeons comment earlier - I'd rather they didn't wear a tie if/when operating on me !
The suit looks good on you - maybe try rolling the pants up 1 or 2 inches to see if you prefer the 'break' against the shoe with them slightly shorter.
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