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Own a very nice pair of black calf Carmina loafers, which appear to be made of very high quality calf (thicker than say church's masterclass). Construction seems very good- bevelled sole but open stitch channel rather than closed channel. Can heartily recommend the calf despite the company perhaps being more well known for their cordovan shoes.
I'd avoid Oliver Sweeney on construction grounds ( usually a Blake rather than a Goodyear welted sole) unless fashion is the primary concern (e.g. they are for a date with a model!). I'd check on ebay - chukkas seem to be out of favour at the moment so you may benefit from deflated pricing.
Quote: Originally Posted by dbc I'll be in the UK in February (mainly in London and Oxford with a few days up in Manchester) and I understand that the past two Feburarys have seen a lot of snow. As I'll be there on a workcation, I'll need to suit up on certain days. Being from the tropics, I have absolutely no idea what kind of shoes to carry. I've searched around these forums, but none of the topics seem to apply specifically to English winter....
Quote: Originally Posted by HHD Le Bon Marché has a new "City Line" by Church's, cheaper than the standard range. They look really cheap, like (for example) Prada shoes. I suppose they're diversifying: A less pricey starter line, while the Shanghai range featured above clearly caters for the blind. Also inspected the City Line in Venice's Church's store (incongruous alongside some of the real thing - beautiful lizard & crocodile models)...
Thrift shop DJ & pants + dry clean = cheap possible solution.
I'd put the Rose stuff above Barker & Loake but below Church's Custom grade and Crockett benchgrade shoes. The Masterpiece pair I own (chromium-tanned brown calf) is a least as good as Churchs Masterclass/Royal collection in terms of leather quality and very close to EG material quality with slightly less precise finish.
Quote: Originally Posted by Great customer service. I would buy from them again. +1.
Quote: Originally Posted by bowtielover Stay away from black it's no good period except for maybe a funeral. Solids and pinstripes are your best bet. Too much pettern in the suit distracts from the collar. Black suits can be very sharp - think Reservoir Dogs.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sander How to wear them? Not at all. +1 Always seemed dodgy & never understood why one would do that. Suppose motor bike racing jackets can have different coloured torso and arm material and look OK.
Fine with suits. I use both Oxfords and Derbys - if you are plagued with wider foot width (G or H) as I am, then you may get the wide V with Oxfords when they are laced, however I find the Derbys always appear less under strain with my fat feet in them, even if the II is more open than for some people.
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