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Just taken delivery of some wonderful EG leather & beige twill cloth shoes. Any advice on treatment of the cloth prior to wearing would be greatly appreciated as would tips on cleaning ( my previous red wine stain removal testing on various bits of carpet apparently resisant to red wine stains due to Scotchguard etc. proved ineffective). Many thanks!
Similarly lost a good jacket due to moths - bought some naphthalene moth balls & put them in the bottom of all suit carriers after that. If not moths then might just be cigar/cigarette ash embers causing those holes.
I'd put the Grenson Rose collection above Barker and Loake and perhaps slightly below Cheaney and Church, C & J mainline products. The Masterpiece stuff comes close to EG in terms of leather quality IMHO. The Rose Chelsea boots I have use reasonable quality leather and were a well made BNIB ebay bargain (sub $100) - representing a lot of shoe for the money so I'd suggest you have a look there. As an entry level shoe you won't go too far wrong. Unfortunately it will just...
Quote: Originally Posted by Will I like my oxblood dark and alternate one coat of Saphir black and two coats of mahogani. Similarly, Kiwi Oxblood and then Kiwi Black every 3rd/4th polish. I polish cordovan infrequently compared to my calf shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jangofett I got the Pradas. These were made quite some time ago and I dont think they are by Churchs. Nice Cordovans. The only Cordovans I have which I am thinking of selling. Medallion design on the Pradas is Churchs. The uppers are identical to a pair of my Masterclass Churchs in black liege calf- model name 'Purcell' on the 35 last. However, the sole looks Church's exotic skin stuff (alligator/crocodile) -...
Most multi-purpose shoe I own is Churchs Shannon in Burgundy Cordovan, works with many different colours of suit + blue/black jeans & grey/khaki/brown casual trousers. Not quite Vass but they were 50% off when bought 16 years ago & still get regular use. So kind of ideal for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by westinghouse Polo Ralph Lauren and RRL. End of thread. As an Englishman I equate North American style with Preppy. RL Brooks Brothers in house stuff High End RLPL & Donna Karan (showing my age now!)
Quote: Originally Posted by lexmann They offer free worldwide delivery on full price Church's. The burgundy crup leather is really pricey: http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/produc...electedFitID=0 My Burgundy Crup pair are the nearest thing to a multi-purpose shoe - I wear them with jeans and also blue & grey suits. Not often one can say that - so worth bearing in mind when thinking value for money. Also check Ebay.co.uk = Graftons...
Quote: Originally Posted by cold war painter +1 [quote=Last Year's Man;4113730]very slightly south of Leeds (my hometown) but Edwards of Manchester have a great little shop, super-experienced staff, and a nice selection of shoes from a variety of makers. I would strongly recommend popping in to speak to some guys who really know their shoes. +1 Service is impeccable - the knowledgeable staff make you feel special irrespective of how...
Quote: Originally Posted by Philip1978 There's a scene where Michael doughlas is trying on shoes, there C&J'S. I may be wrong but I thought the little sign to the right of him in the scene was Churchs? I remember thinking he just made $100M -> $1bn and I love Churchs but maybe he'd be at Cleverley or Lobb getting bespoke? Belated Happy New Year by the way, lets hope for a better 2011 for all of us.
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