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Avoid a big patterned tie unless you are a very tall/broad guy. Charcoal n Black stripes would work ( BB have some nice examples) else burgundy polkadots or something with more colour and or with smaller patterns ALA Hermes?
Thanks but they are more like a Fawlsley except with punch brogue lines instead of plain stitching and a medallion toe. Having looked at SF nail patterns on the heel for comparison (double row of nails near rubber quarter tip) am pretty sure they are EG - unless someone can tell me different?
Hi my wife bought me these beauties on impulse but they are far too big. I believe them to be EG ( super soft calfskin + 'Made in England' stamped into the sole) but all the silver writing within the ovals inside the shoes is too faded to read. I'd really appreciate any help with the model name, size and last number as I'd like to sell these to someone who can get some use out of them and want to give an accurate description. They measure 12 1/8 inches by 4 1/4...
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