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Make sure your shoes are clean & don't wear too much cologne.
Congratulations on your imminent wedding - hope the sun shines for you! Wedding photos, like prom photos, stay with you forever so attire that is 'witty' or ironic or the height of fashion today, can appear dreadful in years to come and you are stuck with a permanent reminder of it. I'd urge you to rethink the sharkskin suit and go for either trad brit morning suit (hire) or plain formal (not shiney ) suit. As far as shoes go think formal brogues = office/work, country...
Yep I owned a pair of what looked like EG Ladbrokes on the 888 last & they were label RLPL, no discernable difference in materials ( but they were black calf rather than antiqued tan/browns) or quality of construction - both were excellent.
I managed to wreck a lovely pair of Carmina loafers by trying to stretch them to hobbit width, they really are for the more slender footed imo.
I'd look at including a black calf brogue (standard or longwing either oxford or derby) in your collection for daytime work wear and maybe a chelsea boot if that is your thing. Good basic selection in place already though as far as I can see,
The highlighted stitching = too casual for a suit in my mind ( unless Miami Vice is in fashion again - in which case don't forget to roll up your jacket sleeves and go for it)
Don't discount Churchs in your quest - they do several models in a G and some in an H fitting - also plagued with hobbit width feet I never thought I'd find shoes that were too wide but managed to do so in the form of Churchs H width Chetwynd and Gerrard models (over 4 inches wide). The quality of materials imo seems superior to stock Barker and Cheaney products (but you pay a premium). Some wide pairs come up on ebay so have a look . If you are willing to spend more...
Seem to be same quality - I had a lovely pair of black calf Ladbroke on the 888 last, with a very nice purple inner lining with silver handwritten sizing but apart from the lining I couldn't make out any differences in quality of materials nor construction.
Hi shine on shoes like the Bass make them look cheap ( I know at college I also thought highly polished = smart, super shiny patent = even smarter , but that isn't really the case). Try for a pair of black (calf & leather sole) oxfords as has already been suggested, I'd suggest Barker or Loake off ebay as a good place to start on a budget. The brown shoes you listed would attract the wrong type of attention, I fear. Good luck.
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