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I remember a Scots saying 'Never brown in town' (the town meaning Edinburgh) when referring to shoes.
They look like Barkers ( most spectators I see/own have solid blocks of colour with the exception of Barkers and Cheaneys who seem to use the stripe of brogue punching in a contrasting shade going down the side of the upper.
Instead of those I'd advise you to try on a few pairs of unfussy brown lace-up shoes with leather soles. you may be surprise about the levels of comfort. Look in previous threads here for some suggested brands on a budget. You'll never look back.
Impossible to answer fully because of the significant differences in the various Lasts. However my experience in Vass is a classic Budapester size 41 roughly equates to a 7G on the Church 73 last, Edward Green size 7F on the 202 last and 7.5E on the EG 888 last. To further complicate things the salesmen in EG's London store told me the shoes will give significantly with wear! No substitute for trying a few different pairs on I'm afraid. If you buy wisely on eBay I guess...
If you are under 25 (or trying to appear so ) choose No.1 else No. 2.
Depending on what the occassion is, have a look at 1) various shades of grey shirts with various darker grey ties, 2) white shirt & silver, solid coloured ( even red) tie, 3) white shirt & striped/polka dot tie (eg silver dots on charcoal or grey/silver stripes), 4) pale blue shirt with blue/dk grey patterened tie. Can't advise on pocket squares since they are generally not the norm for the UK (even for quite formal occassions). Black suit & very white skin can look good...
Look on SF B &S eBay etc. for brands you think you currently can't afford & treat yourself ! You are likely to be spending lots of hours in work shoes so make sure they are the absolute best quality you can afford!
Agree - leave out the silver tie & you're all set!
Yes the buttons are the usual tell-tale ( e.g. a blazer may have metal buttons, a suit jacket not somuch).
Similar thing happened to me (last pair - the one in widow got sun bleached) only solution is to try to make one darker , repeatedly using darker cremes & polishes makes them wearable after several goes & indistinguishable after maybe a year althjough gives them a premature aged look.
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