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Thanks for the link. Good blog. The tongue will be great. I just had braised oxtail and can tell you that the other extremity is pretty good as well. I like a lot of dishes that involve cuts that are regarded as offal but you absolutely need the right recipes. Slow cooking seems to be one approach that works in many cases. Your friend is raising the bar in terms of the initial unattractiveness of the ingredients, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by ToruOkada I tried on some of their ss09 stuff and a medium fit me really well (5'10; 160lbs). The measurements on Context look crazy though...defintiely wouldn't feel confident about getting the right fit without trying something on first. Did you try on the engineer jacket? I'm roughly the same size as you and I felt the medium in that was pretty roomy in the was sort of in between a Dickies /Carhartt ...
Quote: Originally Posted by shoreman1782 I leave a crosscut saw hanging out of my left back packet for workwear sprezzatura. Not fussily; just kind of stuff it in there. Sometime I casually carry a sledgehammer. I've considered leaving one corner of my bindle untied, but I'm afraid other trainhoppers might call me out (no hobo). Win!
I'm a bit disappointed that the Norfolk doesn't appear to have any lining at all-not even in the shoulders and sleeves.
^S/S 2010. That model is called the Angler Mocc. I don't know where you will be able to get them outside Japan.
The collab is better than Daiki's. Quite a few nice pieces. I dig that denim duster coat. Vampire Cowboy steez. Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma No. ID, Purple, Paradis, Fantastic Man and A are decent. Jesus...ID is still around? I though they went out of business around the same time as The Face.
Looks interesting. I would prefer a soft collar (preferably one piece) on that last shirt but other than that it looks very nice. Can you give us some more information on where you're getting stuff made and where you are sourcing the textiles please?
Quote: Originally Posted by Magician Three now. My ex got too big for the pair I bought her. Is that why she's your ex?
Quote: Originally Posted by xchen And to the guy who said that the CPO is overpriced at $380 - There isn't really another shirt with similar detailing or craftsmanship to really compare to it. You're right and that probably is a bad example for me to have chosen. However, in the case of some of the other MF pieces, there are products out there that are similar enough to allow a price comparison...for instance Buzz Rickson do a 1943 foul...
Quote: Originally Posted by happy hooligan I guess I'm missing the boat, but I haven't really seen anything by MF that makes me want to go out and spend six times what it's worth for yet.... Maybe I just haven't seen the whole collection? I feel the same. I think MF is overpriced. I like quite a lot of it ....the CPO shirt for example is great, but not 380 bucks great. Maybe I would feel differently about it if I had actually handled it...
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