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Surely you would need a promotion first? Or are you plotting mutiny?!?
Quote: Originally Posted by somatoform You should make an official cardigan thread. Good idea.
+1 I really like the grey wool with the red windowpane they are using this season.
Quote: Originally Posted by ginlimetonic you mean dainite soled bespoke boots... It kinda depends on whether your imaginary internet friends are from Streetwear and Denim or Men's Clothing.
Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy all the more reason you should creep up to them from behind the bushes late at night, gag and tie them and bring them to your basement where you could have your way with them while looking at your cruel momma's picture and after that you offer them some ice cream and soda and give it some time they will learn to love you for who you really are because you are a special person not like those stupid muscular jocks you...
I like the colour of the J. Crew one best....kind of what they call peanut...lovely with faded denim. I'm sure the fit is awful though. Could CEGO make you one?
And if you were deprived of your shark fin soup I'm pretty sure you could find something else to enjoy. I'm not against eating shark per-se but I the cruelty and sheer wastefulness of shark finning unacceptable. You don't need to be a tree-hugger to find it deplorable. Why not kill them humanely and eat the whole thing?
That's a nice fit. Did you kop?
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHunter No need for the sarcasm. I don't have much fading yet and the one line on my right leg is going to be MUCH lighter than any other fade on the jean. It's going to look a little strange so I figured I would ask if anyone else had any experience with this. Guess not. In the words of Morissey, accept yourself. Everybody's fades are asymmetric.
+2 on Freeman's if you've got longer hair.
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