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Quote: Originally Posted by zissou I'll even agree with that JOA, and I don't wear WWM. Just as a matter of interest, how come?Do you think you couldn't integrate it with your current wardrobe? I like both although I think they are quite different flavours. The cuts are definitely pretty distinct.
Thanks for the recommendation ssniceguy. Hey ssdick.....get over yourself....what's the big deal about one more vowel in a word like bouillabaisse? Also WTF is a banana hammock?Can you proxy me one?
Denim wool for the win. It's also one of EG's nicest fabrics. Why didn't you just post this in the EG or small questions thread? Are you a ......special flower?
Yeah I can see that working... I just realised that I really used the wrong word- it's not really "whacky" it's just highly functional...which maybe made it seem a bit odd to me when presented in the context of this thread where it's appearing in a "fashion" type context. Actually one of the things I love about EG is that the functional details on the clothes almost always end up being useful for me in one way or another.
Quote: Originally Posted by JO3B the styling on that shooting vest was done horribly. i hope the small goes on sale... What would you wear it with? I thought it was one of the whackier pieces myself.
Sorry....can't make it... I will be be eating bouillaibaisse in Marseille. Dunno about the fashions, but i dig that Eurotrash food
I think adding those snap buttons on the poachers pockets of the Upland was a bad idea. Last years model was perfect IMO.
Stylin' Mauro! Might I suggest that you accessorize with a small hand-held lantern? You would be the best dressed ferryman in town...
Here comes the backlash....
Quote: Originally Posted by ssnyc Who said full size? I wear medium in both. Read above Steven Alan is slightly smaller. Anyway, great brand that's a little overpriced. Of course the lack of one-off, bleeding edge, eurotrash fashions will make certain folks bored. Fail. A word of advice: insults are likely to be much more on point if you do a little research first.
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