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Quote: Originally Posted by BrianVarick I don't know of many technical jackets that don't have taped seams. They have them alright but they don't always work and often start to leak under sustained wetting.....the cuffs,shoulders and front top of the hood being the usual culprits in my experience. I suspect it's because a lot of them are made pretty cheaply.
Actually the Mackintosh coats stand up better to rain and snow than most jackets made out of technical materials because in addition to the material being 100% waterproof, they take extraordinary care to ensure that the seams don't let in water. Apparently you have to serve a three year apprenticeship at the factory before they will allow you to actually make a coat.
Department of Works in London has a Union Special.
Quote: Originally Posted by A Fellow Linguist I'm about 5'9" and 135, the 45rpm shirt I'm wearing right now is size 2. You kinda have to look at the measurement for each piece if you can't try them on, sizing is wacky. I some cases the pieces are also made to be worn over-sized. Obviously many Japanese people have not yet discovered styleforvm. Coat looks nice.
That's been brewing for a while. They're also selling watered down versions of his designs in their John Rich line. Compare their "Upstate" jacket to Daiki's WWM "Upland" for instance.
Well done Gary!
Given that i like how a particular shoe looks, the the three aspects of fit that I pay attention to are 1) the width, 2) the length from the heel to the ball of the foot and 3) the volume of the shoe in the forefoot. All of these things have to be right in order for me to consider buying. I don't care about excess length in front of my toes, although it's likely that if there is too much of it i will find the shoe aesthetically displeasing. It's very difficult to...
Quote: Originally Posted by JO3B the addition of snaps on the game pockets (?) has basically secured the fact that i will never purchase one of those. are you listening daiki? That's what I said. It was basically perfect last year IMO. No diss on those who bought this years's still a very nice jacket.
double post
I know, but I'm not allowed mention Mister Freedom.
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