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Post a pic with the first button done up so we can see how it looks....it looks fine to me in the pics you've posted. For me the shoulders and chest are the determinants of whether a jacket is the "right size" or not( given that the sleeves are long enough). After that "fit" is a question of personal taste. There are some things ( e. g. waist supression) that a tailor can sort out after you buy it, but if the shoulders and chest are not right from the start you are...
Anyone know any non-Japanese stores that carry the railroad vest?
Thanks, man. I agree about the red....I thought it was a really nice maroon color before I saw your up-close pics. The fact that it's a herringbone is yet another cool detail of the piece.
Nice, poly800rock. Anyone know where I can still cop a M in the Upland jacket, preferably in navy or the red herringbone?
Quote: Originally Posted by bathtime This is a nice shirt. I believe it's the made in Italy version of WWM - before they moved production to the US this year. Italian version was a little more refined imo. I see from another old thread that you own this piece....would you say that it fits true to size? Is it a similar fit to the F/W 2007 EG stuff? I know over the years EG's sizing has varied considerably and was wondering if it was the same...
It's not sleek but it is neat ( as in compact) IMO. I always think it makes my feet look smaller.
Douche-tastic deal.
You are under-rating Trickers and over-rating RM Williams and Church's IMO.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac The last they use on the Cordovan derbies for Polo are very narrow for me although still wearable. I think they use the 325. This could possibly be due to a size conversion error but they seem narrow regardless. Every other last they use which I have tried on fits like a glove and they do not seem narrow at all. The 325 is definitely not a narrow last. I love the look of the Coniston boot on the 325 but...
Quote: Originally Posted by robin More pictures of the duffel... it looks like they're not lined this year. I'd like to see them do a longer version sometime. Last year's was nicer.
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