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You are under-rating Trickers and over-rating RM Williams and Church's IMO.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac The last they use on the Cordovan derbies for Polo are very narrow for me although still wearable. I think they use the 325. This could possibly be due to a size conversion error but they seem narrow regardless. Every other last they use which I have tried on fits like a glove and they do not seem narrow at all. The 325 is definitely not a narrow last. I love the look of the Coniston boot on the 325 but...
Quote: Originally Posted by robin More pictures of the duffel... it looks like they're not lined this year. I'd like to see them do a longer version sometime. Last year's was nicer.
Anyone know the construction method? Blake? Bologna? There doesn't seem to enough sole outside the upper for it to be Blake/Rapid. Apart from the Church's collabs the close cut sole seems to be an important element of the aesthetic of the Sander shoes. Not for me, but I like them. The leather and colour are beautiful IMO.
If I were you I would check out some of the many Japanese 1947 501 repros by Sugar Cane, SDA and a host of others. Beautiful denim and roomy in the seat and thighs. Not cheap though.
Thanks for going to the trouble of taking and posting the pics literasyme. They look rather more purple than I thought they would. I was expecting something with more red/brown .... more like a shell cordovan #8 type shade. In your estimation, do your pics give a fair representation of the color? I realise that it will change according to the light... Thanks again.
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