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Quote: Originally Posted by thenanyu Listen to it on a $20k+ (small timer I know) system and you will never move from your couch again. What format are you listening to the music on, as a matter of interest?
Quote: Originally Posted by shaftoe You have to use the signal to summon him if there's trouble.
That contract is pretty far out. I'm not a lawyer but I have seen other music related contracts although never one for a manufactured pop band. The "work for hire" bit without there being any specified fee schedule or amounts, and the warranties you are being asked to provide them with in section 10 basically mean that you would be at best an indentured servant. They are entitled to everything, you are entitled to nothing. You weren't far wrong when you said that you...
That's one of the new models that are available in Japan and Europe. It's the Beckman upper paired with the Iron Ranger cork sole. I'm sure it's on the Red Wing Japan site.
How did you get on with this?
Presumably these are aimed at the same people who buy brouged sneakers. I've always wondered who they were.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jekyll This is what I do. It's buttoning them back up that gets me. Ther's usually far less urgency at the buttoning up stage, so I don't think that's a material issue.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason So, I'd been planning on going to grad school to get my masters in Education Hong Kong part time while working, and that was my plan until, strangely enough, I was scouted to join a Hong Kong based pop-group. There are two asian members and two western members, I'd be the male western guy if I cooperated. The pay isn't great, it pretty much depends on how successful the project is and how much media exposure you get. If I...
Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal Maybe at times but it's miles more cordial than MC, which in my opinion is worse than the CESS. You think? My view may be colored by the recent trainwreck that occurred when the fit pic with the 60/40 parka above was originally posted over there. I suspect there is some truth in what you're saying Dedalus. James is pimpin' in your avatar btw. Tweed+bowtie FTW!
Quote: Originally Posted by DesignerValet I feel like I'm the only person who doesn't "get" Nigel Cabourn. Generally speaking it's nice, but nothing you can't find from a cheaper or more easily-available brand. Or is it the price and rarity exactly what makes it attractive? Have you had it in your hands/ tried it on? Cabourn's stuff is incredibly well made. The high retail reflects that and it's exactly the absence of that sort of...
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