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Quote: Originally Posted by Casual TTS, but they do have a narrow toe box. This is true. If they are the unlined ones they will stretch a bit though.
Good article. There's something about the whole Post O'Alls aesthetic that I really like. They also have great customer service. For me next F/W is going to be about them and Cabourn.
I measure a 9.5 on a Brannock device and I am 9.5 in Ranger Moccs. They are true to long as they haven't changed the last.
Thanks man. I had an accident tonight where a donut button got pulled through the placket of my jacket leaving an L-shaped tear. I can get the hole stitched up but I'm going to have to put in a new button.
Does anyone know the proceedure for fitting donut buttons to a pice of clothing? Is some sort of heavy duty press involved? Serious question....
Quote: Originally Posted by Lorrie I have two pairs of the Hunt boots. Brown leather that fits quite big and black waxed leather that are much narrower and would probably have sized up given the chance. You could probably go a half size down knowing they'll pack out, but I wouldn't go down more than that. That's strange....I've got four different Yuketen moccs that are all TTS. Also the company itself has told me in the past that their moccs...
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy (and guys, fwiw, WWM is not "workwear", it's more "ye olde sporting goods") Thank you. Filing WWM under the "Americana" label is accurate. Filing it under "workwear" is not. "Americana" and "workwear are not synonyms. Even if you hate them both. As you were.
Quote: Originally Posted by bakatora So I'm hearing Yuketens fit a half to full size big. If that's true I should've jumped on that 9.5 -_- can anyone confirm? The welted shoes fit big. Moccs are true to size.
Nice work.
On here? "Swagger" is a rhetorical device. After all, who could possibly not be in favor of it? It's a bit like how GW Bush used to use "freedom".
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