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Nope, not as far as I know. They might have been using someone else. Tweed yarn patterns and weaves aren't generally the intellectual property of any one company. They are craft, not industrial, products.
@wrongturnsteve: How did you size in the RW GT's and the Katahadins if you don't mind me asking?
Thanks for the reply Mauro. This has actually ended up being a good, informative thread IMO. As a consumer it's good to hear what the view is like from those who are actually in the trenches. You should try hooking up with the Harris Tweed Hebrides people. They are flexible, and very into working with new designers. Just as a hypothetical, do you think that a different pricing model, where garments had lower RRPs, would lead to less discounting and ultimately higher...
Quote: Originally Posted by blynch Was I the only one surprised that the retailer mark up was only 2.5x? I figured it would be more like 5x. At 2.5x, you are losing money on anything over 60% off and 60% off seems pretty typical nowadays. This, I suspect is the nub of the issue. At full retail margins are often pretty plump. The problem is that very little stock gets shifted at anything like full retail.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro Harris Tweed by the cut piece at a jobber like Tip Top might $24.00 a yard because it's older stock or someone who had stock went out of business. If you want current cut piece goods try $100.00 + a yard. This may be what you have to pay, Mauro, but it's not the market price for Harris Tweed. The current price for Harris tweed by the yard at retail is less than 50$. Available worldwide. You are telling me...
Quote: Originally Posted by Razele Fabric is really expensive if you want it to be The speed of the weaving has alot to do with strength and longevity of the cloth, good cloth is woven slowly and has multiple stages of finishing, cheap cloth does not. I know that, but these figures still seem on the high side to me. For example Harris Tweed, which is hand loomed, can be procured for around $24 per yard and it's basic ingredients are more...
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 I find it difficult to believe the figure for fabric costs that the BoO guy is quoting. Cotton gaberdine for 24 bucks a yard? What is it, hand-loomed?
Quote: Originally Posted by Simontuntelder Their sales are pretty consistent with regular summer and winter sales. They just finished the winter sale -and their sample sale, so it'll be a while. However they do have 10-20% off sometimes, but it usually just small campaigns, so you'll have to stay put. As an aside, their sample sale really blew this year.
Great shirts. What are the model's chest and shoulder measurements please?
Quote: Originally Posted by adamha21 Are all ranger mocs unlined? I have a F/W pair from a couple of years ago that are lined and a S/S pair from last year which are unlined. I don't know if they still line the F/W version.
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