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Quote: Originally Posted by tv2177 for $138 i would put a little more and buy a Filson 256. The only thing is that my girlfriend works at J Crew... So I could get it at a substantial discount.
I was wondering what the consensus on the Bowery Backpack is... http://www.jcrew.com/mens_feature/Ne...0355/30355.jsp I want a backpack similar to it, but was wondering on the quality side. Should I just get a Filson briefcase?
Harbin was a pleasure to deal with
Oh god... This looks amazing. I might have to get a Nook color now.
Quote: Originally Posted by illumin8em Just curious, is anybody actually buying these Indys from this thread? Are people bumping it to claiming sizes the only thing keeping it going? . I too am interested in a pair, but the thread seems dead. Maybe I should PM the original poster instead of contributing... Yeah he is still there. I ordered my boots and received them about a week ago.
Can i get in on Jubilation XXV ?
erbs just bought a jacket from him. Couldn't be happier.
Quote: Originally Posted by dsbkoko this is long gone. someone close this. Just edit your original post and change it to sold...
8.5 Ds are mine
Barbour is mine
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