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Great read - captures a lot of what's so great about your work. I dropped in a few weeks ago, had a fantastic conversation, and left with a crewneck. Just wanted to tell you that the sweater is absolutely amazing. It has been actively pleasurable to wear while watching cold Devon sunsets, and I am quickly becoming emotionally attached to it. Also, please make XXL whenever you make those wool shirts next.
It lands a couple inches below my knees. I haven't had a chance to try or see any of the Deutschleder stuff, unfortunately.
I'm 6'1" and 100kg, and I have the XL. It fits over everything I'd ever want to wear under it, including an enormously thick SEH Kelly wool jumper, and I feel like I sized perfectly. I have another Leder coat, an ochre-colored, waxed cotton coat, in L, and that fits as well, so I probably would have been happy with the L, just slightly less able to layer.If I recall correctly, you're a bit smaller than me, so I think the L would probably be a very safe bet.
It does. I've been fairly obsessed with green recently, but this one is particularly wonderful. As I've mentioned elsewhere, when you get up close to the fabric, there is a speckling of purples, reds, blues, and browns which is wonderful to behold.NMWA styles it fairly conservatively, which makes sense given their identity, but I think it works super well in more casual, rougher outfits. I think it avoids the Balmain feel because while the coat is dramatic, that drama...
Fuuuck, I wanted this jacket so badly at the time. I fell hard for that season's vibes (like everybody else, if I remember). Someone point me in the direction of a 4 (or L or whatever).
@accordion. Gotta drop in to offer a word of support for my favorite piece of clothing of 2016, that Frank Leder Officers coat. The thing is absolutely amazing. Personally, I don't think it's particularly difficult to pair with either - I wore it for several days this week on a trip to London, and happily paired it with raw denim and Isaora sweatpants. Admittedly, I'm not sure about Henders, I wore CCP boots, but I think it would work wonderfully with basically any...
Mainland China?
Late cross-post from the NMWA thread because I'm sad to see this thread fall down the board. I now have two FL pieces - this great coat and the orange waxed canvas coat from the spring, and I love both of them. I also desperately want these trousers from Neighbour, but I think the thighs will be too tight even in the L - really need closer to 13" http://www.shopneighbour.com/products/frank-leder-mens-wool-trouser-green-navy
Hey guys, I have an Eidos sport coat in brown silk hopsack, EU 54, that is unfortunately a bit tight on me. This jacket: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/282173477572 Offer away - looking for somewhere in the vicinity of what I paid, $350, which is still a steal for this beautiful jacket.
I've got a double layer Lost and Found sweater that I love. However, I have an inescapable habit of pulling the sleeves up, and now they're baggy as shit. Tag says dry clean only, but I really just want it to shrink back up - it's not particularly dirty. What do I do?
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