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I've never done a real peak, but I think it takes some getting used to the heavier weights before you get whatever performance you have "in you". Earlier this summer, I was doing a ton of volume on bench, and was stuck at 340 for like six months, despite rep gains at lower percentages. Took a month or so and worked in more paused reps, and heavy doubles, and hit a fairly easy 365.
They're not really that rare - most sizes pop up fairly frequently if you check all the usual suspects (the two SFs, eBay, and most importantly, SZ). I've got two pairs, both of which I paid in the vicinity of $1k for, which I think is pretty fair. You'll see closer to $1500, but I'm fairly skeptical of that, unless they're pristine/a really nice example.
My family is moving to NYC for a year, so I'm watching the house with a few friends - this is the gym we set up in a two car garage. Squat rack, adjustable bench, ~500lbs of bumper plates, and a DIY platform. We also built a tremendously fun 9 foot tall pullup bar out of 4x4 cedar which is chilling in the backyard. Given my super-beta willpower and inability to cut, I decided to dreamer bulk to 225 first Currently like 215, and I overhead pressed 225 today, so I...
Haha, I own those, and I've always wondered if they actually made a full run of them, or I'd just ended up with a bizarre one off. That said, my non-fashion Dallas friends and family are quite amused by them.
Seriously - the CCP greys and whites are gorgeous, and there are about a billion pairs of black tornadoes out there. Just buy those, then buy a black pair later. I'd have bought those, but my black 8s are already a bit snug, and those apparently run tight.On a related note, if anyone wants to sell me grey or white tornadoes in 9, hit me up.
After being stuck at 195 on press for some embarrassing amount of time (like 18 months), I went 200, 205, 210 tonight (hitting a BW press finally at 205). Felt like a god. As for bench assistance work, I'm sure it's not the most efficient way to improve, but I've always wanted to do a planche, and so I've started doing a bunch of gymnastic style handstand work. Besides being a ton of fun, I'm definitely seeing carryover to my presses. In addition to my above PR, I also...
My stock, all-black suiting wool MA-1 in 50 is now officially for sale - $350 plus shipping, basically brand new (only worn a couple times). Skip that colossal wait. That said, I'd still prefer to trade it for a 52 or 54. Hit me up.
Nearly brand new (worn less than five times), bought from ironheart.co.uk. A little big on me, so I'm putting them up to see if anyone could put them to better use. You can see more about the pants here (including measurements): http://www.ironheart.co.uk/bottoms/ih-555-01.html Sanforized, so you get the sizing listed above. Price does not include shipping. Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions. Price dropped to $200 - this is a crazy deal, and these...
I've got a black suiting wool MA-1 in stock 50 that, while beautiful, is unfortunately just a bit tight on me. If you happened to order a 52 (potentially in other colors, or even other jackets), trade me.
Or an evolutionary response to people like OP who attach some sort of serious significance to what is in fact, merely adornment.It's a trend. Most people don't give a shit - neither should you. Are you also horrified by young women going out into the world in sweat-pants?
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