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Any plans for more cardigans? Need more SEH Kelly knitwear in my life, and cardigans are lately taking pride of place in my around the house wardrobe.
A potential buyer requested a fit pic of this AMI coat, and the pic turned out alright (plus I used the traditional styleforum identity-protection pose). AMI Lost and Found Japan Blue CCP
Weird, I feel like the opposite has happened. I started wanting a high-waisted, slim jean probably 7-8 years ago because I wanted to copy CCP looks but wasn't in any position to drop $1k on jeans. I found them difficult, if not impossible to find. Now, it seems like there are a lot more mid to high-waisted options available (rather like the move towards larger thighs and pleats in trousers).
I'd second Frank Leder pre-orders (and if that's impossible, maybe just some of his sport coats?), and De Bonne Facture. I don't own any DBF, but I love all the FL I have. For me, those two (and SEH Kelly, but that's less of an option for NMWA) all offer clothing that is relatively normal and restrained at first glance, but perfectly done and never boring. That's a difficult combination to pull off.
Throw in some Frank Leder and CCP and we're taste twins. Good shit.
Yeah, last year from a dude who it turned out lived about 20 minutes from me.
Beautiful Eidos sportcoat, brand new with tags. It's a beautiful brown silk that I unfortunately don't capture terribly well. Measurements: Jacket length : 77 cm ( 30.31" ) Shoulder: 48 cm ( 18.90" ) Sleeve length : 65 cm ( 25.59" ) Jacket waist : 53 cm ( 20.87” ) Hit me up with any questions.
Picked these up a couple months back but I don't really need more shoes. Only worn around these house, and they come with the box. Hit me up with any questions.
Hey guys, I'm selling my too-big CCP one piece tornados and thought I'd use this thread to bring them to people's attention in the hopes of bringing about a speedier sale. If you have CCP stuff that fits a US 11, I'd also be interested in a trade. http://www.styleforum.net/t/533506/carol-christian-poell-one-piece-tornado-boots/0_50 Get at me.
Classic CCP piece, and a rarer iteration of the tornado shape than most you'll find. Beautiful horse leather, with scarring and rough areas towards the top of the shaft. In fantastic condition - I'd love to keep these, but they fit a bit big on me so I never wear them. In my personal opinion they're bigger than a US 11. Hit me up with any questions.
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