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vacillating wildly between "look how amazing and reasonably priced that greatcoat is you should buy a blue one" and "you already have a Leder greatcoat how many do you need what is wrong with you."
I don't think the entire GOP is fascist, but I do think there is a fascistic wing of the party that is now in many positions of leadership (including the President, most likely). Significant portions of the rest of the party will blithely accept things the fascist wing suggests (even if the normal conservative doesn't particularly agree) because in return the fascist wing will give conservatives what they want in arenas like social and economic policy. As I understand...
You nailed the "not being a dick part"
still ninety percent sure front zips ugly to begin with.
S/S 17 lookbook is up on the site. Looks good as always - particularly like the blue shirt.
hooooooooo yeeeeah. Would love info on timing - wanted to participate in the NR pre-order, but this will be super appealing to me, and I probably can't do both.
I've been living in Devon for a year now, and the most striking thing about British wardrobes is how much Superdry there is. There is SO MUCH SUPERDRY.
Thanks for that XL link - saw that the linen shirts were available and immediately bought one. I do find it funny that you are essentially the only online retailer I know of that doesn't have a newsletter (as far as I can tell) and you're also about the only one that I would read religiously.
I got into an argument with him like five years ago on SZ about energy, technology, and population growth (I thought he was being a bit extreme and naive) and I've been low-level salty about him ever since. That said, I'm too poor to buy his stuff anyway, so I have to maintain that stance to maintain my dignity. Tried on a blazer at Hostem last year and it was immaculate.
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