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Any recommendations for a nice tech short, a la Outlier, that is easily obtained in the UK? Normally, I'd just go for Outlier when I'm in the US, but shipping is $30, which puts me off them a bit.
A little late comment on the "FASHUN" discussion - I strolled around DSM this weekend, and man, that store has a vibe. I've wandered around some expensive stores in NYC, but only at DSM (on two occasions now) have I been completely surrounded by people who seem waaay more into fashion than I am. I own four pairs of CCP footwear. Led to some introspection/discussion with the girlfriend on the way I enjoy fashion. I think I only ever made it halfway out of the...
nah, canada@gmail.ca
That's including your tax for being european. The most expensive iPhone model in the US is $950, which is still kind of crazy.That said, that's not much higher than phones have been for a long time. We're just paying for them differently in the US now, which confuses some people.
Not to state the obvious, but this dude is just one hype-cycle beyond these people, if that. At this point, I think it's hard to find a hipster who isn't at least somewhat conscious about the class-yearnings and pretensions possibly lurking behind everything they do.Nobody belongs anywhere, nobody exists on purpose, everybody's going to die.
Obviously I don't know this for sure, but I would imagine Herman Miller presents brands with a fairly small list of things they can change for a collaboration - protecting the brand's image and whatnot.
http://www.lift-net.co.jp/collection15aw/poeme/poeme.html http://www.lift-net.co.jp/collection14aw/poeme/poeme.html Some great imagery to help see the value in the absolutely useless yoox pictures.
These critiques always make me a little uncomfortable, probably because I think it would be remarkably easy to lob them at me, as well as pretty much everyone on this forum.More importantly though, I think it's worth giving a bit of benefit of the doubt to people who are at least trying to create or consume good shit. Someone here fairly recently suggested that the Milk Bar was essentially "hipster crap." It may not be groundbreaking, and it may be frequented by people...
You really don't notice it. Do you find the top of your head significantly hotter?
I'm moving to South-West England for a year to learn woodworking, and I'm basically doing exactly this. I am keeping my furniture/some tech in storage, which does up the cost a bit though.
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