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Most of the last say, five years, of my fashion interests have been pointed towards the arte povera stuff and a lot of black and greys, albeit mostly paired with raw denim. Then, as near as I can tell, I saw some Eidos and Frank Leder lookbooks and suddenly I was skimming through Permanent Style, and wanted to buy a pile of new dress shirts. I actually bought a polo. And a sportcoat. A tie still seems like a bridge too far, but who knows. At the end of the day, just...
Slou in Lisbon stocks him, but they haven't received FW stuff yet. Other than that, I've found very little.
[[SPOILER]] I'm a big fan of these trousers, but the Leder people had no leads on a pair in L or XL. Anyone have any recommendations for something similar and awesome?
I check this thread, and NMWA's site every day to look for the new Leder stuff. Waiting is hard.
I'm not sure if there's any chance of this happening, but of all the awesome jeans I've purchased from you guys, the overdyed black Iron Heart denim remains my favorite by a fair bit. In a cruel twist of fate, my own pair was lost in the mail. All that to say - another run of the 301S-07BK would be the best thing imaginable, and I would purchase it immediately. I would also accept a one-off.
I made some dye out of padauk shavings (an reddish exotic wood species) for a jewelry box I'm making. The color is awesome, and it immediately set my mind to dying everything I could think of - notably, t-shirts and charity shop floral shirts a la Schneider.
I bought this as well - unfortunately, I'm finding it too hot to wear it in the UK at the moment. It's a super gorgeous piece. Was surprised by how positive non-fashun people were on the color.
Given that we disagree on this (and that you don't see it as a disagreement, but are sure that it's dishonesty on my part), there is obviously no space for discussion between us. Given how intelligent you clearly are, I'm surprised you don't see that.
It's amazing to see all the hallmarks of alt-right argumentation - pompous verbosity, dog-whistles, indignation at "PC" critiques, insistence on supposedly obvious standards - applied to clothing. Revolting, but kind of amazing.
Any recommendations for a nice tech short, a la Outlier, that is easily obtained in the UK? Normally, I'd just go for Outlier when I'm in the US, but shipping is $30, which puts me off them a bit.
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