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https://www.eastdane.com/manual-industrial-products-hender-scheme/vp/v=1/1588099405.htm?cvosrc=retargeting.criteo.East%20Dane%20US%20LV&cvo_cid=86828&extid=DP_Criteo_ED_US_LV_1588099405¤cyCode=USD Hender Scheme AF1s for $670, which I'm pretty sure is a good price. Only 10.5 though.
Hey guys, I have a pair of CCP boots I was thinking of unloading, but I find myself completely unable to find the tags, and am not positive what type of leather they are. I'm pretty sure they're horse - any chance anyone can corroborate that for me? http://imgur.com/a/Q557G Appreciate the help.
I laughed out loud for real.
Better pictures. My mind started changing with that picture Holger had of the somewhat worn pair. Incidentally, earlier this year I picked up a pair of Alden Color #8 captoe boots, which were basically my grail when I started browsing SF. Then, I ended up diving into SZ and got super into CCP and a bunch of darker, more avant-garde shit (which I still love). Bought the Alden's on a whim, and really, really like them. Get just as much joy out of them as I do my CCP.
This whole album is awesome.
Man, want one of those crinkly long coats from KKA really bad - pretty much exactly what I've been looking for. Will 5 fit a ~44 chest, and am I going to be stuck with the limited US selection and crazy markup?
Seriously, really great. Was considering selling my kangaroo virgils, but this inspires me to wear them more.
I don't know why, but I'm almost amazed that Skeen can be as irritating in this thread as he is in RHET.
Per all the Sheiko talk, I'm in my 4th month using the program via the App (which I recommend - makes the whole thing super easy to follow). Did a couple of the advanced medium load mesocycles, now doing a large load. It's definitely a different experience from 5/3/1, which I had been doing prior. Never really lifting at high percentages has me very curious to see how they go when I eventually max. A lot less stressful mentally than 5/3/1. As I've been following the...
These are really great. I like the mesh lining a bunch, and the drop crotch is nice (a little more extreme than my John Elliot sweats).
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