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They are ok. Seem average so never seriously considered buying.
Stopped using my Volts. Felt too flashy.
CWU was always a stand-out to me.
what's good, LA?
Was the jacket sold distressed before or did a previous owner wash it?
All right, apologize for the late list. 1st round just went out. Here's what I have left. Some of which is in process. 4seasons OG 27 Navy 4seasons OG 28 Navy 4seasons OG 28 Navy 4seasons OG 28 Slate Grey Slim dungaree 28 Black w/ black rivets Keirin 30 -Black w/ black rivets 4seasons OG 31 Black Keirin 31 -Black w/ black rivets 4seasons OG 33 Black Keirin 33 Slate Grey w/ black rivets Keirin 33 -Black w/ black rivets
Hey everyone, I think I've responded to most PMs regarding proxy requests, so hopefully, I was able to help out a bunch of you. I'll try consolidate what's left tomorrow as people get back to me, and then it's a free for all...
All right, so here's what's up. There were a few lucky folks that transferred funds in advance that I actively looked for their items last night. I went again this morning, and the influx of messages otherwise was unmanageable, so I tried to scribble down as many requests as I could and look for things as I was sifting. I'm still organizing what I'm keeping and somethings I've promised to friends. This is what's available now. Thanks!
Not entirely sure since I'm not versed with all the models.There were definitely variations with different rivets. I saw what I think were climbers in a twill.
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