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Interested in size 10D
Definitely interested in this. From following the thread it looks like there is one captoe barrie boot that is going to be ordered? I might be interested in that but want to confirm the details - already have the JCrew boot which seems similar. Anything else in the works? Would be really interested in something like the Leffot Daytripper (but with no hooks).
Hi sorry I am an idiot but it seems like there is one open MTO that epaulet is doing? I can't seem to find the private message function, and want to know details? Really interested in any shell boot, prefer no hooks, color other than #8... Any other MTOs open? Love the Leffot Daytripper but they say that one is closed.
Alden Indy Laces issue Am I doing something wrong? It seems I can hardly walk for 30 minutes without the laces coming undone... am I tying with too much tension, or too little, or what? Appreciate forum insight.
Isn't it easiest to call Bloomberg and find out?
I read one at 6:48 (bgr), so broke by then
Well it traded down 5% after hours... He's probably really sick, really too bad (mean that seriously)
Thanks all! Really helpful. Sounds like I should talk to the outlet but otherwise keep my eye out for the Jan sale... would be very happy with 20-30% savings.
You mean wait until the Jan sale? Are you familiar with it at all? What % off do they usually do?
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