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I wear a 43.5 F last in Vass…can anyone advise what size I might wear in this brand?
See now I am happy I started this thread. It has been very enlightening to get everyones opinion. Thanks
See now were getting somewhere!
I know it is all personal choice and blah blah, But I am trying to look past my imagination. See I recognize there are things I know I don't know. But there are things I don't know I don't know. I am looking for some recommendations since what some of you may like, I may like as well. But, I don't know I don't like...OH MAN I BURNING OUT ON THE LOGIC OF THIS FORGET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So I am thinking of having my guy make me the perfect blue blazer. I figured a wool silk blend in a super 110 or 120 for durability. I wanted something I could wear biz casual but slap with khakis or something. Then I started to think...what the hell would be the perfect blue blazer? So I hold it out to you. Tell me what would be your perfect blue blazer? What pockets to have? Ticket Pocket? Buttons? Etc. I'm kinda fishing for ideas. Thanks
Man of Lint...thanks very helpful. I am actually in a rental as I am building and have NO IDEA if there is a humidifier in this dump.
Bought some killer wool pants from STP. I was curious what is the best way to keep them "uncharged" ? Meaning they attract everything. I don't want to roll them as in my opinion it just puts a light sticky film on the material and makes it worse. Thanks
Looking for dark colored incotex in 36.5 NWT. Thread of 100 prefer 120 and up. Also prefer sartoriale. I have some that say that. THEY ARE GREAT! jjgold007@aol.com Thanks
Wow thanks for all the help. Anyone?
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