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Theres too much fabric bunching up around the knees there, doesn't look good. I'd try them slightly above the sneaker tops and roll them inwards so those adjusters don't stick out like that.
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter TomGirl's coming to TO might be a good enough reason to organize a good local meetup... any interest? T.G. PM if you have any questions about settling into the city and/or want to meet up for coffee or whatever. I've also moved somewhere new and had to set things. I'm sure she wants to meet a whole bunch of internet dudes. But possibly interested. Should make it MC/SW&D friendly tho, like have...
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Quote: Originally Posted by JesseJB Haven't these been trendy mainstays since 2005? Not that I don't like the look. I'm sticking with it. Yeah, I had a cropped peacoat from H&M like 2 years ago.
Probably gonna kop that Creep toggle coat, I like the FW collection a lot.
Quote: Originally Posted by snuff_daddy n&f weird guy grey = shittiest feelin denim out of the three..i dont like carrot legged fits (wide thigh but narrow hem) I'd recommend against the N&F greys too, I dunno the denim was a lot shittier than my vintage blues and didn't hold it's shape after a couple of washes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Alter Rotate This in Toronto is a treasure if you are a fan of vinyl. I hate the people who work at this store, super unfriendly.
serious? nay
The jeans look good there. I'd just wear them with longer coats/tops like that to cover the top block because it looks too tight.
By looking at you I'd say you're an S or XS in mall brands, stop buying large.
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