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I saw cold cave a couple of months ago and they were really good, but only played for like half an hour
Quote: Originally Posted by ektaylor Hey BRO SI JSUT WASTE tO SAY HOW MUCH I LuvE YOUR AVATAER!! Someone needs to catch up on his back issues of the wire.
I have a Gitman Vintage cotton madras shirt from this season that fits well in size S. How will the sizing of these new shirts compare? Should I go with a S?
I like 1 and 2. It seems like buffalo check is overdone and easily available elsewhere.
Going to see flying lotus in a month, anyone seen him live before? Best show I saw this year was the bass mutations night at unsound festival in brooklyn with 2562, Untold, Pole, TRG, FaltyDL.
Boring music for boring (and pretentious) people. Although I do like some bands that might be considered indie rock, but are either on the more noise or electronic side of things.
These pictures hurt my mind. Look at the shoes on the one on the right obviously chopped in.
bro-ninja big in 2k11?
I'd like to learn but have been too lazy to try and read about it and learn on my own.
dj screw greatest hits i can't read an issue of the wire without him getting namedropped by someone
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