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The second one is really bright and trendy which is gonna get you a lot of attention on the hill. And you're going to need some skills if you want to wear an outfit like that otherwise you'll look like a poser who just spent $500 on a snowboarding outfit. Foursquare makes nice and warm jackets which I'm sure you know so that's another plus. The downside of this one is you're going to look goofy wearing it on the street. But in a city like Vancouver I'm thinking it doesn't...
Is this going to be exclusively for snowboarding or are you planning on wearing the jacket around during the winter?
Actually my earlier post was just a passive aggressive way of trying to make fun of that Frankenstein shit you bought off ebay. If you don't understand maybe you should lurk for a while and try to learn before posting.
I thought you already had a peacoat...
I can't imagine why you would be here if that is too rich for you. Troll?
no you'd look like a sci-fi dork.
If you're gonna do this you better hope nobody finds out and calls you on it.
Know if they carried XS? If thats a small it wouldn't fit me.
Quote: Originally Posted by FlyingLotus I wonder if theres any way a canadian could get this deal ? Could i get a pair from Mauro ? There's a store in montreal that will have the deal according to diesel website. However, I don't know if they will ship, you could try calling them.
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