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Quote: Originally Posted by X-It LOL
what sizes are you wearing? we have pretty much the same build.
I just got the brown leather desert boots and really like them. Not too much more than $70 you should check them out.
Good advice in this thread already so I just have one thing to add. Although I'm sure most of the people who were mentioning it were probably joking, it's important that you DON'T use alcohol to help get over this. It might help a little bit for a while, but in the end it's going to make the problem way worse. Alcohol is terrible for anxiety disorders in the long run. I've had social anxiety for my entire life and I'm just starting CBT to help get over it. I abused...
Get outside shoes carries clarks, but I don't see the action listed on their website. has them.
lol that doesn't even look that bad to me. Maybe about 20cm fallen on that day already? Yeah thats a decent storm, but where I used to live could get 60 or 70cm of snow in one day.
think the distressed leather desert boot would hold up well for winter?
I don't think boots that hardcore are necessary for Toronto which only gets 133cm of snow a year (according to wikipedia). But those boots would be useful for the occasional snow storm or shoveling. The cold temperatures are more of a problem than snow in my opinion. I'm also looking for some winter boots suitable for Toronto. Any suggestions for boots that can handle low snowfall amounts?
good seller, got the jeans in new condition and shipped fast.
Quote: Originally Posted by CarbonatedTsoda I don't know much about snowboard fashion....but the second jacket, no offense, makes you look like a clown. The current snowboard fashion is to look like a clown, seriously. Kind of like hip-hop fashion.
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