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maybe they're fucking with you because you don't know the language?
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter what about those fleece jackets from colombia sportswear and the like? I see a lot of dad's wearing those on the weekends. Not sure if this was serious, but I'd avoid them for anything other than hiking or outdoors stuff, ie you wear them in a situation where you don't care what you look like. Another option instead of the traditional sportscoats are these deconstructed blazers in fleece/cotton...
with the right tops asobu's style is great, looks so much better than with just a tshirt
camo trend is terrible and this includes PG's camo blazer
Quote: Originally Posted by Listi Tuck in your shirt man omg + get a haircut
i can see the tag, you only win if you actually bought that
Ideal BBC comedy about a weed dealer. Might take a couple of episodes to get into it, but once you can understand wtf they're saying and know the characters it's good.
I'm sure you're a shoo-in for that coal mining job wearing your chambray n all
Just watched it and the violence was so over the top it was kind of funny. Things like this don't bother me at all, but when I know something is real life it really disturbs me like i'm not going to watch that 3 guys 1 hammer video.
too late but im pretty sure uncle otis in toronto carries the japanese CG jackets
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