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I get the most compliments on my glasses from strangers, a couple of times a month maybe more if its at a bar with drunk girls who want to wear them leaving me blind.
sweats look good with drapey tanks, like this, try it altho not much of a fan of the hiked up hems on the sweats in this pic snowman you have a lot of nice stuff but need to work on styling, keep trying it'll come together
Quote: Originally Posted by ntaqip! this. I popped by showroom a few days ago- real shame they didn't have any more in 28. does anyone know if N&F is going to do any more trunk sales / showcases in toronto soon? I think sydney's has the flannel denim.
my washing machine is SF approved, it has two human legs made from kunk's latest victims that I slide my raw denim onto, then press the raw denim button and a gentle stream of Pacific seawater circulates while the legs simulate a light doggy paddle
Don't put a watermark on the images, deny everything.
Quote: Originally Posted by ctrlaltelite fall 2010, the second coming... I like it, but I think some more full cut trousers/jeans would look better with your body type and still work with the tailored jacket, a bit too much carrot top going on here.
Quote: Originally Posted by jhoo04 store was packed today. because of this collab? just curious since it doesn't seem all that busy when im there.
haha i saw rebolledo a couple of months ago and didn't know who they were
Looks good, although I'm a little confused about why the lookbook practically turned into a gay porno at one point.
Got a few cheap H&M belts. The only good belt I've owned was a stars & perfect 10s natural belt that I lost
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