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Quote: Originally Posted by unjung I'm sure as soon as the non-Albertans catch wind of this, I'll get eaten alive, because I know I certainly don't live in a particularly exciting city, but I couldn't live in the east, due to the lack of mountains Plenty of mountains within a couple of hours drive of Montreal and Porter flies from downtown TO to Tremblant which is like an hour flight so its not really that bad if you want to go skiing.
last few pages of the pic only thread are
Quote: Originally Posted by kwoyeu of course it's quite possible that even knowing the intentions behind it my fit still looks like someone who doesn't know how to properly size her clothes - in which case suggestions for alternative oversized looks would be appreciated. wat?
Kin Creep Wings + Horns 18 Waits
saw a torrent for these anthologies of noise and electronic music and have been listening to a bunch
return your camera the date is wrong
I'm trying to eat more vegetarian meals, anyone got any good websites with recipes or cookbooks to recommend? I like pretty much every type of food.
are you actually into electro house and trance?
good buying experience with Nosu3
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