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Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma You'd carry some too if you had a handbag.... +1 Some big-ass handbags too, while wearing heels. I'm surprised they don't carry around chiropractors.
Quote: Originally Posted by Duveen Since you are in NYC, pls check out Morgenthal Frederics - they have real horn tortoiseshell frames (that cost about $1K before lenses are added in...) and nice plastic tortoiseshell as well (about $300 for frames alone). So does the much-maligned Oliver Peoples (tho' only in plastic). Forgive the bump. I just had good purchasing experiences at Morgenthal Frederics yesterday and today, and I was curious to...
Rear left pocket or inside breast. Just simple cotton, for emergencies. Obviously if you have a cold or allergies and anticipate relieving yourself of mucous in some significant quanity, you would also bring disposable tissues.
Quote: Originally Posted by Texasmade If only he ran his fastest all the way through so we could really see how fat he can clock in. Reading the blurb online, what I was left with was that the guy, though ripe for the obvious nickname 'Lightning', was a bit of a douche for dogging it at the end and celebrating prematurely because he'd already beaten the field. Shouldn't you try to beat the clock regardless? But maybe I'm being unfair; I can...
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian278 WTF? How is navy "overpowering" or "a bold statement"? It's probably the most common suit color, and that includes young men. In and of itself as a suit color, it's pure vanilla. I disagree, I think it's bolder than pretty much any shade of gray. Not that it's more elegant or dressy or tasteful or anything of the sort, just more eye-catching. If you're going to wear an ill-fitting or poor quality suit,...
I think I may understand what he's saying. Many young professionals can look a bit uncomfortable in a suit in the first place. Given the bold statement that a navy suit makes, I can see how the "mommy told me I should dress like this" effect could be intensified.
Wardrobe diversity is overrated; buy what you like. Obviously, for professional reasons you don't want to appear the eccentric who wears the same specific article of clothing with disturbing frequency, but a consistent look in terms of color palette, if it is your preference, is fine. I realize this was not your specific concern, just sayin'...
It's there for the same reason people manually type: "EDIT: link fixed - sorry guys!" and stuff like that; it's just a courtesy in case it might be helpful to your readers to understand what you changed and why. No, it's probably not particularly useful most of the time, but neither are or
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug I got the notice yesterday as well and it said i may not get my next movie immediately. I still received my movie today in the mail though. Same here. By the way, despite all I've heard, 'Elf' blows.
Billy Joel, "An Innocent Man".
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