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I'm not convinced this suit wouldn't work on the right person (probably 50+, slightly greying, fair-skinned, tall and elegant, with an assured, impeccable sense of style). But I think it's one of those things where if you have to ask whether it would work for you, it probably won't. White shirt would be best. Reddish-Salmon tie? Oh, almost forgot my standard Land's End line: If in doubt try it, post a pic, and we'll let you know -- Land's End takes back everything.
It's Margaret. The name hasn't changed.
Yeah, Matadorpoeta, why can't you people get together and finally make a decision on this? Now about those colored folk...
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS You're talking about skin color, not race. Yes, people can be black, or white, or whatever other "˜color' people come in (Asian people aren't really "˜yellow' so, I'm not going to call them that). Race ideology is flawed and is just a bigoted notion to separate us from one another, no surprise really that the Nazi's perpetuated it so. Our differences come about from the direct result of different upbringing, different...
Quote: Originally Posted by javyn I think ya misread there...wasn't saying they were advocates or manipulators. That's the liberals' job. Ah, so I did.
Quote: Originally Posted by javyn Also, I have a question....when Hispanics are the majority in this country...do you think they'll be as willing to pay money out of their paychecks for social security, wellfare, etc? I mean, they weren't here for the Civil War or Civil Rights movement, white guilt isn't going to work obviously, the way it works on the current majority. Anyway, I welcome the day when Hispanics are the majority. If anyone pulls off...
I have wool slacks that are certainly cooler than a pair of jeans or chinos.
I think that for most shoppers, customer service is far more important than product knowledge. Of course, a customer expects the sales staff to be knowledgeable as far as what what the store offers, but the average BR/Gap/Macy's shopper doesn't particularly care about being educated about clothing while he/she shops. At most, they want to know "does this look good on me?", and I don't even think that's common, at least with male shoppers (unless the salesperson happens...
Looks like Natalie Portman's hottie sister.
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS In other words: Pure BS. Jon. Like Game Theory.
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