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Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Are you on the DC Ciry Council? Used to be an aide to a councilman, til those niggardly fools cut the budget.
I can't get past the "niggling reasons" bit. Racist.
Quote: Originally Posted by brlfvr Kinda like the hard-on AF has for Obama. True enough; I'd forgotten that our styrophile colleague from the ATL was the standard for rational objectivity. Apologies.
Man, you really have a hard-on for this woman.
Quote: Originally Posted by dirk diggler this probably describes the experience of anyone of color at ANY of the Ivy League schools. In fact, there was a news article in our local paper that came out the summer before I went to an Ivy entitled "Young, Black and Ivy League". I still photocopy it and send it on to students I know are matriculating. What would be interesting is the experience of whites who never interacted with Blacks before college. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by celery Mkay. 70 pages later and cross-eyed, here's the summary (btw it's not racist at all): [clipped] For slogging through 70+ pages of an undergrad sociology thesis for the rest of us: Thanks for the summary.
Quote: Originally Posted by literasyme I hate the anti-white meme. If she wrote this (whatever "this" is) in her early 20s, as an African-American activist, what the hell do you expect? She had every right to be "anti-white." Give me a break; a thesis is not a therapy session. Anyway, without even a slight idea of what this "anti-white" rhetoric is yet, we're already full-steam ahead towards an absolutely ridiculous thread. Well done.
Lefties probably aren't personally any less sexist, racist, ageist or bigoted than Righties. They're just not as inclined to have it codified.
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 in short, much of the content of her thesis could be taken as anti-white. i am reluctant to hold someone accountable for what they said at 21 or 22, but i'm surprised (though i shouldn't be) that she's gotten a free pass. Yeah, cause there's no right-wing press. Half the stuff Howard Stern says could be taken as anti-white. Wanna at least throw us a bone, since this is, you know, your thread?
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