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Glad it went well.
Quote: Originally Posted by FLMountainMan This speech is just amazing. About two months ago I downloaded a bunch of speeches from limewire, a few each from: Winston Churchill - great words, extremely upperclass accent; JFK - speaking voice is surprisingly bad, no wonder he "lost" the radio debate to Nixon; FDR; Malcolm X - very casual delivery; and MLK - very strong Southern accent "weah don wawray about tha dawgs ova theah". Anyway, I strongly...
Quote: Originally Posted by longskate88 Sometimes I'll think of something funny to say, but a few minutes after it was needed. I'm usually in a serious mood, though sometimes I'll get on a roll and throw down a few funny quips, usually in response to someone else's 'story' of their day. When I'm in the right 'mood', I'm very sarcastic and 'funny' you could say, I'm just not in that mood too often. It might stem from being self-absorbed, and not paying...
I would imagine you could find a d-ring-type belt in a white cotton canvas or weave. These turned up in a Google photo search; I have no idea what season the items are from: Old Navy J.Crew
Are you an inherently funny person who has difficulty delivering the funny? Or are you completely lacking the funny?
Hard to give advise on this, because he really needs to be sensitive to the dynamic of the moment, but if I were the child, I wouldn't necessarily want to hear an apology right away -- it might come off as a strategy to defuse my rightful anger. It might be better to start with "thank you for coming," or "it's so good to finally meet you," or something like that, then give them room to say whatever comes up for them, and then apologize. He shouldn't try to plan it, I...
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman O RLY????? Is that where he tells people to wear their "Dolce & Gabana [sic]" and "DO NOT DISTURB THE SEXY"? And is seen publicly canoodling with some young starlet, who, when quizzed by the press about her relationship with the D-man, is discreet enough to merely giggle maniacally.
I've heard that Diddy hosts a White Party every year. Quote: Originally Posted by dopey I don't see any black people at this party. NSFW Is that Caligula?
It doesn't appeal to me, thankfully.
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