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Great show, though Sam and younger Foyle both get on my nerves a bit sometimes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara I've been listening to a lot of Shirley lately. Verve called her "the best self-accompanying singer/pianist since Nat King Cole." I can't agree with this more. Her playing style reminds me very much of Bill Evans. Verve said that, did they? I wonder which label she was on at the time... Yes, Shirley had 'skilz', as the kids say, but some of the tempos of her later years are a bit much...
I think the concern over" reinforcing stereotypes" is a bit overblown. I do think it's important for the media to depict and promote the House of Payne, Girlfriends, Bernie Macs, Everybody Hates Chris etc., so people can "see themselves" or whatever lifestyle or values they aspire to or are curious about. But beyond that, if people want to watch "G-Homey" as well - or instead - does it matter? I've been there, worrying about whether something some other black person...
Quote: Originally Posted by FidelCashflow Lame attempt at humor. Meant to suggest that your habit does not necessarily preclude your getting your own late night one-on-one conversation show on PBS. Ehhh.... but to address your issue: as Septavius suggests, when you catch yourself, you should acknowledge it aloud, e.g., "excuse me, I just cut you off, didn't I? Sorry, I tend to do that, and I'm working on it; please continue..." Develop a...
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Apparently you guys did lol. I'm in Chicago at the Cooking and Hospitality Institute. Just started last week. Man, was that fast! Weren't you just considering this, like, a month ago? Obviously not, but... seems like it. Good luck!
I have no advice for you, Mr. Rose, but I've always wondered about your Purple Label suits - does Ralph give you a discount, or does he give them to you outright?
Ugh, let's not turn this into a CE thread.
I love the fit of Target's Merona boxer briefs.
Quote: Originally Posted by otc Thick as Thieves? Yeah, I think TaT is around your price point, and one of the owners is a well-respected member here. Do a search.
[took the bait, shame on me]
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