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Perhaps the more immoral a country is, the more people are inclined to turn to religion.
Yeah, I saw this on the front page of the NY tabloids this past weekend, with a none-too-flattering full color shot of his barechested walrus torso snoring lazily on the beach in front of his vacation property. Liberal bias strikes again.
never mind
Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas I came this close to putting Anne Hathaway as an option but chickened out. Besides, the topic is sharp knives, not sharp knees.
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter fair enough, look, I am not out there with a flaming torch, either. this is probrably not the main reason why I won't vote for that platform. but I have to say that it would be a really hard thing for me to justify, I can't think of any good justification that I would agree with, that seems even remotly resonable. You may be right. Hey, I don't like her one bit (GILFness excepted), but I try to at least...
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter very possibly. lets put it this way, I have no problem electing a president that was a bomber pilot and may have killed thousands or people, or one who is a hunter and has shot and eaten hundreds of animals. but, I can't say I would vote for a president who I knew liked to pull the wings off of flies. why do I hold this differnce in my mind? I can't explain. I cannot see any possible exaplaination why a newly...
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter 2 of the books on the list were books that explain the gay lifestyle, several were books that concern magic, several are books aimed at teenagers that deal with dating. many libraries have tried to ban those books. I don't have a problem with the mayor of a little city deciding what books the library will or won't spend money on, that seems to me a fair issue for a political platform in a small town. but to...
Quote: Originally Posted by lawyerdad Fair enough, if we're being overly semantic. But Augusto did not, as I read his post, claim to be setting forth the definitive argument for why banning books is undesireable. I understood him to be making the point that we all understand the arguments that lead persuasively to a strong conclusion. I assumed you understood that as well and thus took your use of the term "argument" as loose usage for "policy" or...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dedalus Funny, those are exactly the types of books that I would want readily available for free if I lived in a cold icy tundra. I would too, if I were a randy teenager with an overbearing fundie mom. But we see what that leads do.
Shouldn't have been wearing that Hizbollah t-shirt.
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