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Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter the biggest issue is that you really, really have to be sure that you understand what is going on. you don't want to get in the middle of something that you have misinterpreted. Agreed. I think this points to at least part of the reason a crowd of people might tend to stand around witnessing a physical altercation without interfering. Each person thinks, "well no one else is getting involved, there...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube I've been keeping kind of a running total. Here's what I have: Bang her silly - 91.78% Bang her silly and hide the checkbook - 7.22% Killjoy - 1% I'm going with the consensus. Tuesday and Thursday next week. Probably mid-day. May I ask why you're waiting? Five days is like five months in 'willing-waiting-hot-young-flesh' time.
Who says "broad"? Are you a visitor from the 60s?
Ha! Money.
Quote: Originally Posted by JORDAN MARC Margaret: Save yourself the trouble of slogging through the garment district. Head straight for Tender Buttons on East 62nd Street (Just off Lexington Avenue). It's Buttons Central -- gorjuss stuff -- in a twelve-foot-wide ground floor shop. Seek and yee shall find the best blazer buttons. Remember to buy extras in coat and sleeve sizes. JMB Well, I have two specific places in mind and will be in the...
Thanks for the quick reply. I guess I'm not concerned with sartorial 'correctness' as much as avoiding buying buttons that I might end up thinking look really odd once they're sewn on. I guess I'll just see what I find and take it from there.
Should a blazer necessarily have shanked buttons? Or does it matter? Heading into the garment district in NYC to see sort of options I can find.
WTH is this nonsense? How often do you find yourself scrambing for some lost item while you're on the phone with someone anyway? Are you guys completely disorganized? And if it does happen, why not just say "hold on... let's see... I just had it here... somewhere... hmm.... where... did... that... go... hmmm.... okay, got it!"? "Choo-choo-choo?" That's just insane.
Quote: Black Tie grazes through the history of this remarkable garment, marking its highs and lows and defining its evolution. .. Should be entertaining. A photo of Daniel Day-Lewis, perhaps?
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